Border Patrol Dbq

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Border Patrol In 1875 congress started to pass laws to restrict immigrants from entering the united states. The Act of March third mostly people who were convicts or who were immoral woman were denied entry into the country. August 8, 1882 the immigration statute prevented people from entering the United states who lacked intelligence, mentally ill, or anyone that poses a threat to the public charge. The same year the first Chinese exclusion law was passed the same year. Many foreigners were denied entry into the United States based on a contract labor law. Because they were denied entry many entered the United States illegally usually slipping passed the entry points. Therefor it the evolved the need for a border-control force. In 1885…show more content…
Mostly all of them rode on horse, but a few operated cars and even boats. Even though these inspectors had a broader arrest authority, the Mounted Guards still largely pursued Chinese immigrants. The illegal immigrants who went undocumented on the Mexican west coast, walked overland to central Mexico, and then road the Mexican Central Railroad to the border town of Juárez, Chihuahua. From Juárez the immigrants were smuggled passed the border into El Paso, then after that into various parts of the nation. There were almost no restrictions in effect against Mexicans or Canadians before the Immigration act of 1917. They could cross at will and go anywhere they wished and still be considered entering the country…show more content…
Also, the bill would bolster border security a little further, by adding 20,000 Border Patrol agents. It required completing 700 new miles of new fence along the United States-Mexico line and using $3.2 billion in additional security technology. Texas had taken a more aggressive approach. “The Texas legislature, with the support of state leaders, has dedicated substantial funding over the last several years, and the Department of Public Safety has dedicated a significant amount of resources, technology, equipment and personnel for border security,” Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw stated in an email interview. The staff for the state legislative board had estimated a total spending on the border security of about $452 million from 2008-2013. In the collaboration of Operation Drawbridge, the Department of Public Safety, United States Border Patrol, and the border-county sheriffs had installed motion detectors and surveillance cameras along the border. Since the launch of the operation, it had resulted in the apprehension of more than more than 16,000 individuals and seized 35 tons of narcotics. Texas also had increased collaborative efforts with the Mexican authorities in communities across the
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