Annotated Bibliography: The Chinese Exclusion Act

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The Chinese Exclusion Act Citation: Lee, Erika. "Enforcing The Borders: Chinese Exclusion Along The U.S. Borders With Canada And Mexico, 1882-1924." Journal Of American History 89.1 (2002): 54. Advanced Placement Source. Web. 8 Mar. 2016. Retrieved Annotation: In the 1850s, many Chinese immigrants moved to America because of the gold and jobs opportunities . In 1882, President Chester Arthur signed the Chinese Exclusion Act . Which this document stated as that Chinese immigrants would be banned and looking for work for 10 years. I will use this in paper by saying everyone should be treated equal should be able to come to America to work and received a better life. Not everyone is coming to attack us or start another war . Trail of Tears Citation: Coates, Julia. Trail Of Tears / Julia Coates. n.p.: Santa Barbara, California : Greenwood, 2014., 2014. Georgia College and State University Catalog. Web. 8 Mar. 2016. Retrieved Annotation: The Trail of Tears was about 1000 miles. There was five tribes called “The Five Civilised” who were forced to travel from their homelands to present day Oklahoma. The names of the Five Civilised Tribes were the Cherokee, 5000 and 6,000 died during the long route . I will use this in paper by saying this remains one of the …show more content…

Great Britain. We had nationalism which means “ love for our country . The cause of this war was aboard. The first thing that happened was France and Britain went to war, and then Britain blockade Europe . For impressment of that Britain seized American ships and forced the men to fight . Finally,British attacked American ships which was called “The Chesapeake” when Americans refused to let British search their ships, so British sunk the ships in return . I will use this in paper to help show how hard people fought for us and the love and bravery people have for our

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