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  • The Development Of The American Dream In 'Two Kinds'

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    civilizations to the modern day, twenty-first century world, the society has deprived countless individuals of their inner self, forcing many to lock away their creativity and individuality deep within themselves. In the short story “Two Kinds”, Jing-Mei, a Chinese-American girl, struggles with independence and the development of her identity. As the story advances, Jing-Mei learns how to balance her mother’s wants with her own needs. The story is set in an American-Asian immigrant family, with Jing-Mei’s mother

  • No Name Woman Summary

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    In No Name Woman by Maxine Hong Kingston, the intercrossing adaption of memory and narrative challenges the gender inequality in the old China. In relation to the unnamed aunt’s story, mother of the narrator talks story orally when the narrator tells story in print. The mother believes the story would keep the narrator from any act of sexual transgression, while the narrator retells the story to question the traditional system of gender identities, roles and expectations. With reference to the relationship

  • Joy Luck Club Analysis

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    What effects do different cultures take on mothers (Chinese) and daughters (American) throughout the book? The book “The Joy Luck Club” takes on an interesting way to present it’s plot to readers. It consists of the telling of the stories of four Chinese mothers (before they immigrated to the United States) in the first four chapters. Following this is the stories of these mother’s daughters (again, in four chapters). This “organization” of the first half of the story is key to allow the reader

  • Maxine Kingston's The Woman Warrior

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    politically. Men have political position and runs a business while women stay behind or their home. Maxine Kingston “The Woman Warrior” novel is influenced by this historical event. Her book was an autobiography, and a compilation of folk story told by her Chinese mother. It was a representation of her life, her mother, and aunt in America. Maxine Kingston is a feminist author translating her ideas through written words. Maxine Kingston’s novel “The Woman Warrior” highlighted how the historical, cultural, and

  • Self Control In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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    Do you yourself believe you could play the game of life by following the original rules or switching it up? As i read through the story, “The Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan, it informs me of so many different personalities and desires between these mothers and daughters. A certain set of mothers and daughters were Waverly and her mother Lindo Jong. Waverly and her mother have these personalities that might remind one of the abilities of chess board pieces because Lindo is like a pawn that knows her

  • Reaction Paper About Mulan

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    The Disney animated movie (Mulan) is inspired by a medieval Chinese legend, which is about a young woman who joins the army to save her father 's life. The legend has countless variations, although the earliest is called "Mulan Shi" or "Mulan Poem", written between 386 AD and 533 AD. The Disney version differs from the myth, while not paying attention to the accuracies of the legend, they go in the direction of looking for self-worth, feminism, and romance. This creates many historical inaccuracies

  • Amy Tan A Pair Of Tickets Summary

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    Family in Chinese Culture As shown in Amy Tan's short stories A Pair of Tickets, Immortal Heart, and Two Kinds, one can see the importance of family in Chinese culture. In the piece A Pair of Tickets, it is shown how hard Jing-mei's mother Suyuan looks for the twin babies she is forced to leave behind. Her effort is shown when Jing-mei's father recalls the travels, saying, "We went to many different cities, back to Kweilin, to Changsha, as far south as Kunming. She was always looking out of one

  • Amy Tan Two Kinds

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    written short story about the conflicts of a Chinese immigrant mother and child, who clash due to their different definitions of living a fulfilled life. In the short story, a theme that has played out from paragraph to paragraph is the suppression of a person 's identity based on the expectations of society.  In the story, the author states that “We didn 't immediately pick the right kind of prodigy.  At first, my mother thought I could be a Chinese Shirley Temple” (Tan paragraph 4).  The word prodigy

  • Hyeonseo Lee Quotes

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    craftiness shows what it takes to be a survivor. To start, in Ted talk “My escape from North Korea” Hyeonseo Lee uses her courage to make on the spot decisions to keep her and her family alive which shows what it takes to be survivor. “As the Chinese officer approached my family, I impulsively stood up, and I told him that these are deaf and dumb people that I was chaperoning.” (7:28, Lee) She is very courage’s for defending her family and smart for making a good on spot decision. When Lee was

  • Poem Analysis: Lost Sister

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    Poem Analysis Lost Sister explores the lives experienced by two Chinese sisters, one remains in her homeland, China and the other immigrates to America. The author depicts the lives of the two sisters by employing images of movement and the different culture customs of the two countries. The sister who decides to go to America loses her original identity but gains a new found freedom while the sister who stays in china has no freedom. Despite their differences, both sisters are unable to find their

  • Bret Harte's The Outcasts Of Poker Flat

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    Francis “Bret” Harte’s wild-western short story The Outcasts of Poker Flat focuses on a man named John Oakhurst. Taking place in California in the 1850s, residents resorted to gambling as a way of life. Oakhurst was a successful gambler and poker player who always won money from the residents of Poker Flat. A committee was secretly created with the purpose of casting out immoral people. Because of Oakhurst’s various successes as a gambler, he had taken the money of many people in the town some of

  • Similarities And Differences In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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    People may think that movies aren't as different as their book counterpart. While that may be true, there are many aspects between the book and the movie that aren't as similar. The book The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan share many similarities and differences with the movie by the same name. The book and the movie possess similar qualities; nevertheless there are many parts where the movie diverged from the book. However, although there are many differences, both movie and book place an emphasis

  • Cultural Conflict In Amy Tan's Short Story 'Two Kinds'

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    does not agree with her mother. Jing-Mei’s Mother was raised in Chinese culture, therefore she is very strict and demanding to Jing-Mei to do what she wants. From doing a chore, to hobbies or even Jing-Mei’s passion. on the other hand Jing-Mei is America born and has more of an American culture mind set, which cause her to seem rebellious to her mother. Said by Jing-Mei’s Mother, “only two kinds of daughters!” she shouted in Chinese “those who are obedient and those who follow their mind! Only one

  • Essay On Racial Injustice In Schools

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    In the story, “Leaves from the Mental Portfolio of an Eurasian,” a girl is being treated differently because of who she is. Her mother is Chinese and her father is American. Back in the days, interracial marriage was highly rejected.This wasn’t just an issue back then, but it is still happening in today’s world. Many people are experiencing inequality due to their race. Racial inequality is happening in schools, when police are on searches for suspect, and health care. By all means, U.S. citizens

  • Power Of Literature In The Novel Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress

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    The novel ‘Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress’ explores the transformative power of literature as a central theme. The power of literature is most evident in the character, the little Chinese seamstress. In the first part of the novel, the seamstress hasn’t been exposed to any books in her life. Therefore, her actions and appearances are not influenced by literature. This novel highlights her attitude towards her own education level. When telling Luo about her limited reading ability, she

  • Wooden Man's Bride Film Analysis

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    Media and Social Development in China since 1949 Term Paper Discuss and examine the female position in the film Wooden Man’s Bride [五魁] (a.k.a Checking the Body) based on the social context during the period Lydia Wong Man Ching 201214327H 2015/5/12   Introduction Acknowledged as one of the most renowned Fifth Generation filmmakers in China alongside Zhang Yi Mou and his other contemporaries, director Huang Jian Xin excels in giving a feminine spectacle in The Wooden Man’s Bride , which

  • Economic Globalization In Brazil

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    Brazil is the fifth largest nation in the world, geographically and population wise, although it is still categorized as a developing country. Over the past few decades, globalization has had a positive as well as a negative impact on Brazil’s economic and social growth. As economic globalization is continuing to be an important element in the world today, its impact on the world’s economies cannot be underestimated. Brazil has overcome many economic crises that have shaken its economic growth. The

  • What Was The Transcontinental Railroad Conflict

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    Railroad was a major breakthrough in the connection of markets and the transportation of goods and people from coast to coast. The Transcontinental Railroad was a conflicted issue because the railroad brought an influx of immigrants, most notably the chinese to America. Many Americans didn’t mind

  • The Impact Of Globalization On China

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    All countries have different levels of globalization and they’re all determined by many indicators. In China, it’s quite different. Even though China is considered as an MEDC, many provinces are not very developed. This is because China is a huge country with an immense population which makes it harder for the government to develop the country as a whole. That said, globalization is still a huge part in China’s development and globalization affects many different factors of the country. The factors

  • Immanuel Kant's On Perpetual Peace

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    Human nature has progress in time from the barbarian to civilized mankind, from undemocratic to be more liberal and democratic. The civilization of human nature growth matured into a more structured values, culture and norms, institutions, system and rule of law to govern the domestic and international relation of states. The idea of a democratic state does not go to war has become a very influential theory among liberalist scholars. ‘On Perpetual Peace’ - Democratic peace theory (DPT) introduced