Maxine Kingston's The Woman Warrior

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The Woman Warrior During early centuries, men received better treatment than women in terms of status socially and politically. Men have political position and runs a business while women stay behind or their home. Maxine Kingston “The Woman Warrior” novel is influenced by this historical event. Her book was an autobiography, and a compilation of folk story told by her Chinese mother. It was a representation of her life, her mother, and aunt in America. Maxine Kingston is a feminist author translating her ideas through written words. Maxine Kingston’s novel “The Woman Warrior” highlighted how the historical, cultural, and political problem in china contrive her life in the new world. The Woman Warrior has five chapter discussing the lives …show more content…

Her aunt was no name because it was forbidden to them to say her name. She was disgusted by her own family because of the ignominy she caused. In the story by her mother, Brave Orchid, Kingston aunt gave birth in the open field because she fled home afraid of the villagers that raided their house. Unfortunately, Kingston aunt and her baby jump and died in the family water well because of how miserably life treated them. The second part was fictional using a character of Fa Mulan; however, towards the end she compared herself to this character. Fa Mu Lan is a Chinese folk story who trained in the mountain and replace his father place in the battle. A two-old man and woman taught her how to fight and be brave from the enemy, and when the time she is ready Fa Mu Lan came back to her village and gather her army to leave for a battle. Compare to her life Kingston went to Chinese school and getting educated. The third part was about Brave Orchid. Her life in the medical school in China, and how she defeats the ghost in their dormitory that medical students feared. The fourth chapter referred to Brave Orchid sister, Moon Orchid, who was encouraged by Brave Orchid to come to the America and find her husband who left them. However, Moon Orchid husband have a new family, and new life that he

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