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  • Amy Tan Two Kinds

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    by Amy Tan is a well written short story about the conflicts of a Chinese immigrant mother and child, who clash due to their different definitions of living a fulfilled life. In the short story, a theme that has played out from paragraph to paragraph is the suppression of a person 's identity based on the expectations of society.  In the story, the author states that “We didn 't immediately pick the right kind of prodigy.  At first, my mother thought I could be a Chinese Shirley Temple” (Tan paragraph

  • Amy Tan Research Paper

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    Amy Tan is a Chinese-American author who was born on February 19, 1952, in Oakland, California. In Tan’s early life she had many struggles because her parents desired for her “to hold onto Chinese traditions and her own longings to become more Americanized” (Encyclopedia). While she wanted to become a writer when she was still young, her parents wanted her to become a neurosurgeon. When she got older and went to college she majored in English then started her career in the 1970’s. She was a technical

  • Amy Tan Superman And Me Analysis

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    Tongue” by Amy Tan and “superman and me” by Sherman Alexie, both authors focus on the importance of teaching oneself. While Amy Tan conveys this subject using personal experience, Sherman Alexie expresses it by using imagery. Ultimately, both authors portray the theme as having a passion to learn and being educated can benefit a person in life. Amy Tan's essay is a personal story that tells the reader about how her mother's english was perceived as “broken” or “fractured” by everyone. Amy Tan says “But

  • The Bonesetter's Life And Tickets, By Amy Tan

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    Amy Tan is a Chinese American novelist, whose short stories portray the theme that it is not always easy to find the balance between culture, identity and heritage. This is seen through Amy Tan’s own life experiences and through The Joy Luck Club, The Kitchen God’s Life and The Bonesetter’s Daughter. Many of the conflicts her characters experience transcend cultural differences and speak to the universal struggles of a wide and diverse audience (“Amy Tan”) The second of three children, Amy Ruth Tan

  • Mother Tongue Amy Tan Analysis

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    this essay is to respond or react to the story, “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan. From a bibliography perspective, Amy Tan is the daughter of immigrants fleeing China’ Cultural Revolution in the late 1940s (Hall & Emblem, 1996). The author of the story was born in Oakland, California in 1952. Amy Tan has a Chinese name, An-Mei, which is an illustration of the essence of being ‘blessing from America.’ In the development of her essay, Tan focuses on optimizing the platform to narrate her experience and reflect

  • Summary Of Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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    Amy Tan, an American writer, wrote “Two Kinds” in 1989. The story is about a Chinese woman who moved to San Francisco in 1949 after losing everything in China. She lost her home, first husband, and twin baby girls. In “Two Kinds” there is a cultural issue between the mother and daughter. The mother grew up with a Chinese cultural background, while the daughter grew up with mostly an American cultural background.Amy Tan writes about the battle of cultures between a first-generation Chinese-American

  • Amy Tan Two Kinds Essay

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    In Amy Tans story “Two Kinds” The author argues that not everybody is the same, and some want to obey and some want to pursue something they more interested in instead of something somebody else want them to do. The story says “Those who are obedient and those who follow their own minds” (tan pg. 412). This paper will analyze Tan story from the viewpoints of the daughter who wanted to follow her own dream, become something better, and grow out her mother grip. The narrator of "Two

  • Fish Cheeks By Amy Tan Essay

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    Novelist, Amy Tan, in her excerpt, Fish Cheeks, reminisces over a boy she had a crush on when she was fourteen. Tan 's purpose is to entertain and teach a lesson. She espouses a sentimental attitude in order to appeal to her adult readers. Tan draws her readers in by making a drastic contrast in the introductory paragraph stating, "He was not Chinese, but as white as Mary in the manger." Not only does she create a simile but the author also integrates an allusion when Tan mentions Mary, Jesus 's

  • Two Kinds By Amy Tan Analysis

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    "Two Kinds" Comprehension Questions 1A. The mother in "Two Kids" believed her daughter (Amy Tan) was a prodigy one because they were in America and she believed her daughter had great potential and could be anything she wanted. And two because "Auntie" Lindo has a daughter who is a chess prodigy, so she believes her daughter can also be a prodogy, but better. 1B. The mother in "Two Kinds" would set up tests to see where her daughter was a prodigy in. The tests consisted of knowing

  • Amy Tan A Pair Of Tickets Summary

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    Family in Chinese Culture As shown in Amy Tan's short stories A Pair of Tickets, Immortal Heart, and Two Kinds, one can see the importance of family in Chinese culture. In the piece A Pair of Tickets, it is shown how hard Jing-mei's mother Suyuan looks for the twin babies she is forced to leave behind. Her effort is shown when Jing-mei's father recalls the travels, saying, "We went to many different cities, back to Kweilin, to Changsha, as far south as Kunming. She was always looking out of one

  • Amy Tan Mother Tongue Summary

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    hand the real meaning behind "broken English", and understand how non-standard varieties of English have their own rules and shape a community 's sense of identity. In this article, she shares her views on Amy Tan 's "Mother Tongue" and talks about the power of language. I was reading Amy Tan 's "Mother Tongue" when I came across the idea of language being "fractured and broken". She gave examples of how her mother’s limited English caused her to be given poor service at department stores, banks

  • Amy Tan Two Kinds Cultural Analysis

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    attributes, and different facial features that set others apart. To a great extent, one’s culture informs the way they view others and the world. One example of how culture influences the perspectives of others is in the novel excerpt, “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan. On Page 23, Jing Mei’s mom becomes entranced by a young Chinese pianist on The Ed Sullivan Show, and immediately signs up Jing Mei for weekly piano classes. When Jing Mei finds out about these classes, her perspective on

  • Amy Tan Two Kinds Literary Analysis

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    The Rebellious Daughter: Analyzing the Theme of Amy Tan’s “Two Kinds” The story “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan explores the deep familial emotions between a mother and her daughter. Jing-Mei’s mother had left China to come to America after losing her family, and had been raising Jing-Mei in America with her second husband. Despite her mother’s grand hopes for Jing-Mei to become successful in America by becoming a child prodigy, Jing-Mei did not share the same opinions. This disagreement

  • Analysis Of Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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    Kinds” a short story out of Amy Tan’s book “The Joy Luck Club” is a representation of the pressures immigrant children face from their parents. In the story, we follow a young girl named Jing-Mei as she embarks down the road to becoming a Prodigy. Her mother believed that “you could be anything you wanted to be in America” (Tan). For Jing-Mei that meant her mother believed she could become instantly famous. “Of course, you can be a prodigy, too”, her mother told her (Tan). For a nine-year-old who wants

  • Analysis Of Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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    Mother Knows Best Often times in literature, character relationships change and evolve. “Two Kinds” written by Amy Tan, is a story about a daughter’s uncertain feelings toward her mother. Overtime, the mother-daughter relationship gets ruined when the daughter does not believe in her potential to be a child prodigy as strongly as her mother does. After an attentive analysis of the story, the reader is aware of how Jing-mei’s feelings toward her mother changes, why they did so, and how those changes

  • Analysis Of Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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    According to the short story “Two Kinds,” by Amy Tan, Mrs. Woo (Jing Mei’s mother) said that “you can be anything you wanted to be in America.” Mrs. Woo believes that her daughter Jing Mei can be best anything in the United States as long as she puts her mind to do it, so she tries to help her daughter to discover her talent. The ideas of Mrs. Woo are to rule and control her little girl 's life, and her Chinese culture’s view tends to make her children become obedient children rather than to let

  • Amy Tan Two Kinds Summary

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    In the story “Two Kinds”, the author, Amy Tan, proposes to make readers think of the meaning behind the story. She doesn’t speak out as an analyzer to exemplify what is the real problem between her and her mother. As a substitute, she uses her own point of view as a speaker to state what she is knowledgeable in and what she feels in her mind all along in the story. She has not judged what is right or wrong based on her beliefs. Instead of learning how to solve a family issue, thse author selects

  • Symbolism In Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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    In “Two Kinds” By: Amy Tan The title itself embodies the symbols, which embodies the major themes of the work. “Two Kinds” is about a strict Chinese mother who pushes her Daughter Jing-mei to not only do her best, but also to be the best. “Only two kinds of daughters, she shouted in chinese. Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind! “ (392) While the mother has good intentions, she doesn’t realize that maybe the child doesn’t want to be the best at ...everything. However in the

  • Amy Tan Two Kinds Analysis

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    The short story “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, outlines the life of a young girl Jing-Mei and her Chinese immigrant mother. Her mother came to America in the hopes of regaining a new and better life after her losses in China. Jing-Mei’s mother wants her to develop or present some kind of special talent, as she believes that America presents the opportunity for prodigies. Jing-Mei becomes so set in her ways and so consumed with pride that it took a toll on the relationship with her mother. “Two Kinds” displays

  • Amy Tan Mother Tongue Analysis

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    Reading Amy Tan 's "Mother Tongue", I came across the idea of language being "fractured and broken". In the essay, she provided examples of how her mother 's limited English caused her to be given poor service by staff at department stores, banks, and restaurants; she stated how they would consider her mother’s lack of depth in her thinking was caused by the "broken" or "limited" use of the English language. Conversely, she thinks that her mother 's English is "vivid, full of observation and imagery"