Dehumanization Of African American History Essay

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Throughout my education career was taught that the history of America began with Christopher Columbus. However, in high school learned that the history of America began way before 1492. The history of America started in the B.C. time period with Native Americans cultivating crops, creating burial sites, maintaining pueblos, and hunting. Women gathered food and did the farming while men did the hunting. Then the tragedy of the European disease called smallpox spread, killing many Native Americans. In addition, the Europeans killed many Native Americans and took over their land.
Yet, the Europeans created a trading system which inflicted conflict within their own groups. The Spanish saw the French as a threat which lead to the creation of a
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Colonization involved invading the land, culture, and establishing control over indigenous groups. There were problems with equality some rich and some poor. The most valuable crop for colonies was tobacco and soon tobacco was sent over to Africa. However, a cargo of African Americans were sent to the Spanish colonies. The new English colonies consist of small farms consisting tobacco plantation which lead to slavery. In addition, tobacco was not the only resource that expanded but also cotton. The production of cotton was turned into cloth in order to make profit. The south was the main location where there were large cotton plantations. Many African Americans were dehumanized stripped of their rights. However, slaves resisted such dehumanization through family and faith. In the 19th century following the collapse of slave trade, the expansion of European capitalist called the Industrial Revolution. The industrialization included demand of raw materials which lead to the conquest of Africa. However the result of industrialization lead to homelessness, unemployment and poverty. During this time period, there were machines and factories which brought about mass production.
Furthermore, there was the Chinese exclusion act which restricted immigrants into the United States. The congress was more concerned about maintaining white “racial purity”. This terrible restriction eventually expanded to
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