The American Pageant Chapter 1 Outline

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I. England and the New World
A. Unifying the English Nation
1. England experienced religious conflict between Catholics, Protestants, and Anglicans. a. Henry VIII started the Church of England and he and his successors killed hundreds of Catholics.
B. England and Ireland
1. England spent valuable time subduing Ireland instead of the prosperous Americas.
2. England used the same tactics in colonizing America.
C. England and North America
1. Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh had grants from the government to colonize America but failed as most of the settlers died. a. Roanoke Island- the site of the first attempted English colonization
D. Motives for Colonization
1. Beneficial to the country a. National glory b. profit c. religious …show more content…

Only one who can ease tensions between Indians and Europeans.
B. From Company to Society
1. 1618- changes were made.
a. Headright system- settlers received 50 acres of land upon arrival.
b. Increased liberties for settlers.
c. Slaves from Africa.
C. Powhatan and Pocahontas
1. Powhatan, the leader of thirty tribes in Jamestown, led the European.
2. Europeans began to start tensions with the Indians. a. Pocahontas saved John Smith from Indians who captured him.
D. The Uprising of 1622
1. Once the English began to permanently settle, the deaths caused major trouble.
a. Opechancanough led an attack on Virginia’s settlers in 1622.
2. Unsuccessful, the English just pushed the Indians off of their land onto reservations.
E. A Tobacco Colony
1. America started growing Tobacco, the first “cash crop”
2. Agriculture changed from subsistence to for-profit based around 30 million pounds of tobacco.
F. Women and the Family
1. The ratio of women to men was obnoxiously high
2. Women’s rights were not assumed from Indian culture, they were less important.
G. The Maryland Experiment
1. Cecilius Calvert dumped the enemy Catholics in Maryland as the Maryland experiment
2. Calvert wanted the religions to get along in Maryland, but it didn’t

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