Luther Be Held Responsible For The Deaths Of Many People As A Rebel A 2 Marks

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1. What did Luther see in Rome that made him upset with the Church? (K = 2 marks) I. Monks with prostitutes II. People worshipping the relics 2. Provide three examples of the power of the Catholic Church in the movie. (K = 3 marks) I. Makes people worship the relics II. Punishes anyone that acts against the Catholic Church III. Convinces its followers to buy things that will release them from purgatory 3. Luther was called a “rebel.” Provide two examples of how Luther was considered to be a rebel. (A = 2 marks) I. He wrote the 95 theses II. He preached his opinion about the Catholic Church and the Pope 4. Identify and explain two ways in which Luther followed his conscience. (A = 2 marks) I. He did not change his original opinions …show more content…

Should Luther be held responsible for the deaths of many people as a result of his questioning the Catholic church? Explain your answer. (T = 5 marks) In my opinion, I do not think that Luther should be held accountable for the deaths of many people because for one, he stood by his original opinions about the Catholic Church and the Pope. Also, when the deaths started to occur, many people thought that Martin Luther was dead himself. One of his followers had started the protests because they thought Luther had passed away. When Luther wrote the 95 theses, it was meant to make changes in the church, but surely not to put and end to it. Luther stressed the fact that violence was not meant to be used for change as he would always write down what his emotions were. 8. Explain what the Reformation was and when it happened. (K = 3 marks) The Protestant Reformation or the Reformation (for short) was a religious and political development in the early 16th century and was led by Martin Luther. Martin Luther said that the Catholic Church was corrupt and it should be reformed so that the Church was less greedy and accessible to people, not only the rich and educated. He wanted simple things changed like the language that the bible was written, because not everyone was able to read

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