What Was The Main Cause Of The Reformation Essay

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Main Causes of the Reformation There are many reasons why the Reformation occurred and what the main causes were. Many priests were illiterate and did not teach the same values to people that were contained in the Bible. Indulgences were widely disputed because some religious figures deemed them arbitrary and to others it seemed ridiculous that you could pay money and be absolved of sin. Additionally, many people became more skeptical of the church after several popes turned out to be incorrect on matters of faith. Unquestionably, the most prevalent causes of the Reformation were indulgences, the changing values of the Renaissance, and, above all, corruption within the church. Indulgences involved the selling of soul blessings to go straight to heaven rather than to purgatory, and individuals could buy them for themselves or family members. The selling of indulgences generated dispute and disagreement between the people and the clergy. Martin Luther and many other people who were opposed to the selling of indulgences claimed that because indulgences were not mentioned in the Bible, they were considered invalid. This strong disagreement among Catholics led them to reform the church. The Renaissance influenced people to believe that the church was no longer the …show more content…

These ideas prompted many Catholics into finally correcting the church themselves and seeking Reformation. Martin Luther became the leading figure of the Reformation because he had openly challenged the authority of the Pope and attacked the practice of indulgences in his “Ninety-Five Theses” letter. Several other prominent Theologians such as John Calvin and Huldrych Zwingli seized upon Luther’s beliefs and Reformation swept across 16th century Europe, leading eventually to

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