Compare And Contrast The Protestant And English Reformation

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The Protestant and English reformation were both reforms that took place in the 16th century against the Roman Catholic Church. Comparatively these reformations are alike and different in some sense. For example, Two leaders led these reforms and went against the church’s beliefs for different purposes.For personal reasons , King Henry VIII went against the church, whereas Martin Luther knew the church could not offer him salvation amongst other reasons. Before becoming a monk, Martin Luther was once a law student . One day a storm blew up, lightning struck him to the ground, and in a panic, he cried. “Help, Saint Anne! I’ll become a monk.” After surviving, two weeks later he withdrew from the university, Entered an Augustinian monastery. In 1505, Luther went to Rome on a diplomatic mission. Focused on Rome’s corruption, where prostitutes selling sex on the filthy streets, priests who made waste of their duties, rushing through mass, so fast that it …show more content…

An indulgence was a donation to the church that came with a promise from the pope to reduce a sinner’s time in purgatory. Seeing his parishioners handing over money they did not have, did not sit well with Luther.All for a paper that he believed to be pointless. So he replied with the 95 Theses against indulgences and then placed them to the church door for all to see on October 31, 1517. This led to a number of debates with other men of the strong opinion, during this time Luther 's positions became increasingly harsh. Starting from the statement that Christians receive salvation through faith and the grace of God. Luther also stated, “The churches rituals did not have the ability to save souls.”Also Luther talked about how the Church and the Pope make errors often. This had gone from a need for reforming indulgences to a whole

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