Borer Line To Alien Analysis

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Close The Borer Line to Aliens

Should United States Close of it's border to immigrants, or should we call them aliens? Donald Trump wants to build a wall to block out immigrants from going into United states, but others disagree strongly with this issue. I personally believe United states should close of the border to all immigrants. Immigrants are unknowingly bringing in diseases, increasing taxes, and lowering job opportunities to American citizens. The problem immigrants are causing are bringing in unknown diseases, increasing taxes, and lowering job opportunities in America. For those who disagree might say, closing off the border line won't actually do U.S citizens any benefit. In the article, “ Donald Trump's Mexican Border Walls Moronic …show more content…

United States can start off by building a wall to stop all illegal immigrants from passing through. Although it would cost billions, only one third of the U.S Mexico is bordered or fenced off. By using Border Line patrol agents would cost much more as time goes on. So why no build a wall. The wall can last much longer and is sufficient enough to block out any immigrants from passing though. The amount of money and effort would never exceed the amount of money and time citizens pay for taxes. Another, resolution for closing off the border is to send back those immigrant that cross the border line. In the article, “ 4 Ways To End The Illegal Immigration Crisis.” states, “Even for those who have nothing but sympathy for those attempting to cross the border illegally, the presumption of non-deportation means that many criminals will cross the border as well.” This statement is dangerous to all American. We don't know what passes through that border line. It can have a risk of a person bringing in drugs or weapons illegal in America. We could build a wall once and for all to stop all risk of immigrants from passing through. Don't you agree that you as a citizens want a better secured

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