Mexico Border And Its Future Essay

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Describe site location, demographics, and current use.
The location of the site is the Stanton Bridge, which is an International border between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas, U.S. (See Figure 1). The United States is one of the most popular borders for immigrant crossings in the world. In the book “Hyperborder The Contemporary U.S. - Mexico Border And Its Future” explains that in the United States gets about 37 million foreign born migrants from across the world. Mexico is the only developing country that shares borders with a major world power, this result would cause many immigrants crossing the border. The percentage of Mexican’s and other foreigners crossing the border is significantly high. Therefore, immigrants can …show more content…

Another great feature is Mt. Cristo Rey, a volcanic peak that rises within the Rio Grande rift, includes Kilbourne Hole and Hunt’s Hole, which are Maar volcanic craters 30 miles (48 km) west of the Franklin Mountains (Modified October 2015. El Paso- Juarez. Retrieved from This area lies on the Chihuahuan Desert, it’s characterized as the easternmost section of the Region. On the figure below a view of El Paso Juarez from the north, and you can see the Hueco Mountains toward the east, the Juarez Mountains of Mexico can be seen to the south. Elevation in El Paso and Juarez region is approximately 4,000 feet (1,200 m) the Franklin Mountains that go along the region have peaks rising much higher. North Franklin Peak, for example, rises to 7,192 feet (2,192 m). A well-known feature of the area is the Rio Grande which divides the U.S. from Mexico (Modified October 2015. El Paso- Juarez. Retrieved from The river flows through the Rio Grande Rift, which passes around the southern end of the Franklin Mountains. West of Juarez and El Paso the river turns away from the border, connecting these cities with Las Cruces, New

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