Personal Narrative: My Concussions In My Life

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I have faced many challenges in my life, but none have been as significant as my concussions. My concussions changed me; I found that I was not as indestructible as I thought I once was. The concussions opened my eyes to the "unfairness" of life. It was the summer of my freshman year. I had been competing in water polo all year long and we were in the middle of summer training. We were playing Don Lugo when I took a shot to the head in the middle of second-quarter. I felt awful. I didn't know at the time, but that was when I received my first concussion. I played the rest of the game slow and disoriented. When the game ended we had barely won. When we all got out of the pool to shake their hands, I couldn't walk straight and I felt like I had to vomit. That is when my parents and coaches realized that I needed medical attention. I was taken to the emergency room and I didn't leave until 5 o'clock the next morning. My hopes of making varsity as a sophomore were crushed that day. My symptoms were fairly severe, I had trouble walking, and reading of any kind gave me massive headaches. I was very sad that all of my hard work was amounted to nothing because of one stupid injury. Recovery was tough. It took about a month for me to be cleared for …show more content…

We were playing well, winning most of our games, and creating better chemistry. Then it happened again. I don't remember the blow that lead to it, but from what my teammates tell me I was hit in the head many times that game. Coach finally pulled me out when I was woozy after I had been hit the last time. Two years in a row I received a concussion in summer off-season training. I kept thinking: why did this happen to me, it's not fair, and why is God doing this to me? I was depressed and angry. I questioned God many times. The doctor said that one more concussion and I could have serious brain damage, if not already. My parents then considered pulling me from water polo

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