Overcoming Obstacles Faced By The Junior Varsity Tennis Team

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As a student, I have faced so many incoming obstacles in my life, that it is natural for myself. One of the bigger challenges that I have recently faced was almost getting cut by the Junior Varsity Tennis Team. This happened to me last year and I can remember it like it was yesterday. I am pretty sure I had other significant challenges that I have faced before, but this one tested my ability to work hard and keep myself motivated. Last year I was trying to find something different to do because I was always being lazy and would be on my phone all the time. So I tried tennis because a couple of my friends encouraged me to join since they tried out. I eventually got my physical for tennis and went for it. It obviously felt different on the court compared to visualizing it on TV. I kept going on going to the practices after thinking I had already got a spot for the team. So I was not worried and enjoying my time with my friends who played as well. I was glad to say was part of the JV tennis team, but I still was really lazy and did nothing. Nothing much had changed for a couple of weeks as I attended each practice after school. The coach had to make an announcement during …show more content…

I did not know what was worse, telling my friends I was to going to get cut or my dad that I was not going to make it. It felt so humiliating and it came to me that it was time I had to take things seriously. Not only did I take it seriously but I asked one of the varsity players for help. With him helping me, we actually became really good friends after. He helped me with serving, backhanding, and being able to correctly return a ball. It is crazy from all the things you can learn from tennis. It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but I was actually taking it seriously. So what the coach did was I had to play somebody in a singles match to be able to get back on the team. I was really motivated to show what I have learned from the period of time to prevent myself from getting

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