Narrative Essay About Concussions

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Concussion? Ever got one? It hurts to get a concussion… a lot. I did have one experience, I mean the first experience getting a concussion. I got only one concussion… so far. I also learned a lesson about running… “Finish up your work, the bell is going to ring any minute now. Clean up your…”DING DING! The bell rang and interrupted my Chinese CLIP teacher. Any second you mean, I thought grinning from ear to ear. It was spring, the breeze swept across my face making me feel tingly. I sauntered to the place my friends always played. My friend said, “Lets play tag! You can only walk on the the white lines.” The ground that we were standing on was rough and slippery. I knew that one of us were going to fall. Everybody was good at the game in one way, some of my friends were slow but …show more content…

I slipped on the floor. My head went BANG! My body fell to the hard floor. The jagged floor smashed onto my face. Good thing I was wearing very strong glasses. The impact on my glasses still hit my eye very hard. Ouch! I can’t imagine that excruciating and agonizing pain anymore. My glasses had a very deep cut. My eye turned purple. I was out cold for a while. People were staring at me. Lots of people took me to the office. There were about 20 people that took me to the office. The reason why I knew that 20 people took me to the office was because one of the people in the office said, “ Twenty people helped you into the office! Boy you sure have a lot of friends… that are nice.” The school secretary called my mom and threw me an ice pack. Coincidentally, my mom was at my favorite restaurant eating with some of my friend’s moms. My mom picked me up and I ate a little bit over there. Right after my mom left the restaurant, she brought me to the doctor’s office. The doctor was not busy that day, but I remember that I still had to wait because the visit to the doctor’s office wasn’t planned. The doctor said that I had a concussion! I was so shocked. I couldn’t go to school for 2

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