Personal Narrative: Rabidus Insane Asylum

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Rabidus Insane Asylum

While I sat alone in my room, my parents were cooking our family dinner. Each year my mom and dad prepared a huge feast for the night. It wasn't Thanksgiving, it was not holiday, it was purge night. A purge is where there is 12 hours with no laws and with no limitations to what you choose to do. I took my medication with a glass of chilled milk, and went into the kitchen. As I walked into the dinning room I noticed my mother and father crouched on the floor telling me to lock my door and hide in my closet. After the night of my parents death during the purge, I have never been the same. And where I am today, you might ask? I am currently sitting in the Rabidus Insane Asylum in Maplewood, …show more content…

The only thing that is with me is my thoughts. But that's not all that is with me. You know when you are alone and you see something out of the corner of your eye, I see that everyday. You know when you are in a room and you hear something, I watch it make that sound, and I can tell you that thing is certainly not anything that you want to deal with. It watches me at night, it watches me eat, it waves to me across the street, and it even speaks to me when I have no one else. I am afraid that this entity will do to me, it gets closer and closer each day. As I sit there and talk to myself my helper Janison comes in and yells at me to go to bed. I lay my head softly on the pillow and my eyes close. At 3:07 A.M I wake up to hear a scratching sound underneath my bed. I reach my fragile hand under the bed and I feel a boney hand wrap around mine. This as the first time the entity has ever made physical contact with me, it only get worse from here. Screams began to exit my mouth. Janison runs into my room and holds me down from my panic attack. She injected a large shot into my leg. My vision began to blur, my hands shaking, it felt like a seizure. My eyes slowly …show more content…

It walked over to my bed and brought me downstairs into the basement. The thing sat me down and tied me to a chair and brought out a large tray of tools, there is no escape. I felt my teeth being ripped out, it started with the back. During this process a sound alarm went off, the entity vanished, and security ran thro the doors. Suddenly I noticed the wrench was in my hands, my 6 teeth scattered around the floor. Jamison again walked me back to my room. She sat me down on my bed and asked me, “Kelley what happened back there ,why would you rip your own teeth out.” I said to her in my voice that was filled with cotton “It it it did it to me the girl, the man, the thing did it it not me”. Like any sensible person she didn't believe me. That morning I was ordered to be put in a straight jacket, in a large cushion room, and be hand fed every 3 hours. I felt like a prisoner or even worse an animal. Finally by the end of the night I was able to enter my room again to sleep. It happened again, I awoke to not scratching, not the thing breathing over my bed, but the door left open with Janison keys in the lock. I walked out of the door into the long hallway and began to walk around the asylum.I saw a large window

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