Persuasive Essay: Why Should Start School Start Time?

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“It’s just been great because he has been able to go to bed about the same time, but he gets up about an hour later,” says Tudan who advocated for later high school start times in Fairfax County. “His grades are higher, his concentration has been better. He’s just been happier” (Pannoni). This Virginia mom strongly advocates for starting school later because of the change’s on her family and most importantly her high school son. So the question now becomes: Why haven’t we changed? Outdated legislation should not be the cause of our country 's future to be at risk, schools should start later in order to mend the growing problem of time management and achievement among students. As the history of the current start times are explained, the illogicality of them present themselves. As one article reported, the early start times originated because, “...adolescent sleep shift weren’t understood, and the cost savings of running the fewest possible buses in three cycles was appealing” (Snider). This simply proves the belief that the current school starting dates are outdated because they were formed hundreds of years ago from schools, who didn 't understand the science of teen health, that wanted to start school save a few pennies from having less buses. The school start times should reflect the contemporary era, and with many children’s schedules being more busy and packed, the time of sleep and wake just don’t correlate anymore. One of the problems of starting school this early

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