Research Paper On Why School Should Start Later

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Do kids really need to get up before daylight just to get to school on time? The answer is no. School should start later. We need more sleep for our brains to function right,also our circadian rhythm changes as we get older making us go to sleep and wake up later, too. One reason school should start later is that less than 20% of kids get the recommended hours of sleep-9.5 to 8.5 hours- and that causes problems in the classroom and teens who do not sleep enough are moody in the classroom. Also less teens get in car crashes and are at a big risk for drugs,alcohol,depression, even suicide. Teens get in crashes because they do not get enough sleep at night. Another is that grades up when teens sleep in and absences drop by 15% in Bonneville by starting school later. These are both examples why school should start later in the day. If we start school later absences would possibly go down like Bonneville did and grades will possibly go up as well,too. …show more content…

The article is about if school should start later in the day. I will let you be the judge if school should start later in the day because it may cause us to use alcohol and drugs. Also teens are at a risk for depression and suicide for their lack of

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