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Should schools start earlier or later? “Should School Start Later” by Jane Bianchi, “Should Students Start School Later in the Morning” by ABC News, and “Wake Up Call” by Sarah McKibben each question if schools should start later. I think that schools should not start school later.

“Should School Start Later?” by Jane Bianchi relates to the focus because it shows reasons if starting school later is a smart idea. One reason school should not start later is because it can interfere with some teens’ part-time jobs and after school activities such as clubs and sports. In the article it states, “ A later start, say opponents, also interferes with some teens’ part-time jobs and disrupts after-school sports and clubs.” This shows that if schools start later, they can interfere with your personal activities such as sports and clubs.

“Students Start School Later in the Morning” by ABC News relates to the focus because they ask students if they think it is a good idea to start school later. The ABC news person was asking a parent if she thinks school should start later. In the video it states from (1:17)-(1:27), “... we don’t need to imagine anymore what would if we started school later than 7:17, we can look at districts that have made the change…” This demonstrates that the parent thought they should not start school later that people don’t need to …show more content…

One reason is that it interferes with some teens’ part-time jobs. Some people feel that schools to start later because kids can get extra sleep and not be tired throughout the school day. This is not accurate because some people might go to sleep very late and not get enough sleep for school when it starts later. For instance, if a student goes to sleep at 3:00 AM and their school starts at 9:00 AM, they’re not going to get that much sleep because they have to wake up early to get themselves and their items ready and then they’re going to be sleepy throughout the

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