School Start Time Case Study

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Dear Edmonson County school board members,

In the issue of school starting time I believe we should push back to 9am. As a teen I understand how hard it is to get up at 5 or 6 in the morning. I have 3 reasons with evidence to why I believe school start time should get pushed back. One reason that the school start time is that it could affect our grades negatively. The second reason is that if it is pushed back the teens who drive can get more sleep and be more careful on the road in the mornings while driving. The third reason is that is we don’t get enough rest our bodies will be prominent to sickness. Keep reading to find the evidence behind why I believe school start time should be pushed back.

Do you ever wonder why some people's grades
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Well it could be because in the mornings they’re drowsy and not really wake yet. Imagine going down a road in the morning not have any sleep but 5 hours asleep? You're not really gonna be awake and not all of your senses will be active. All these accident rates could drop because if they get enough sleep and are more active before school they’ll be more awake.

If we don’t get enough sleep our bodies will be prominent to sickness. Our bodies will be too busy trying to keep us awake to focus on getting better. If some people can’t get to bed until 11 pm and get up at 5 that’s not enough sleep to try to fight sickness. If school starts at 7:45 am then they have to get up earlier than that to get on the bus or drive. Also if you stayed up til 12 am to 2am they’ll be tired in the mornings especially people in extra sports and they can’t miss practice even is a little bug, for some people.

These reasons are why I believe schools start times should start later. Remember, one is it could affect grades. Two it could be dangerous for teens who drive. Also three we would be more prominent to sickness. Please think about changing the school start time, it could help most students and some teachers.

` Sincerely,
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