Why School Should Start Later Research Paper

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A lot of teenagers complain about how tired they are in the morning. It’s so hard getting out of bed in the morning, especially when you go to sleep late at night. In my opinion, I think that school should start later in the day. We learn way better when we are fully awake. We have the energy to stay awake during school. Students need about ten hours of sleep; however, most students, especially teens, only get around seven hours of sleep. If school started later we would be able to sleep in longer which could increase our concentration in class. It will also improve your health if you get the right amount of sleep. Teenagers are in an important stage of their growth, which means that they should get all the sleep they need. We need at least 9-10 hours of sleep and it’s proven that only 15% of teenagers get the amount of sleep they need. It’s important to sleep at the right amount of time to stay focused during the day and at school. According to the website Sleep Center it states that “ Teenagers that don’t get the sleep they need end up getting sleep disorder such as depression and other health issues” . Getting to bed late at night could affect your health. Us teens are more likely to struggle at school or suffer from depression. …show more content…

We would also have time to get breakfast which some of us don’t most of the time. The school will even have less tardy excuses since the students will have more than enough time to get ready. I just stated a few reasons why school should start later, but there are many more. The main reasons why school should start later are because of one’s health and it’s better for students’ concentration in class. If this happened you could sleep in longer on a Monday

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