Why School Should Start Later

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“Research has shown over and over that teenagers do better and feel better in schools that start later.” -Ingvi Hrannar Omarsson. Is sleep important for teenagers? Does more sleep help with concentration or health? Is sleep good for the average student who manages extra-curricular activities and loads of homework every night? First, some people assert that teenagers should wake up early in the morning for school, while others argue that teenagers should be able to sleep in because they need their sleep. Summarize the Issue- In the article, “Why should Should Start Later in the Morning” by Emily Richmond, “Should School Start Later?” by Justin O'Neill, and “Sleepy Teens: High School Should Start Later in the Morning?” by Mark Fischetti, they debate about the fact that school should start later. There are many explanations for the issue if school should start later for kids. For example, some people think it is a very smart idea that would stop causing kids/teens to come into school everyday looking tired. Also, it would get them more rest because of the time that they had stayed up the last night catching up on loads of homework and studying. However, some people …show more content…

Teens were are very relaxed and concentrative when they have had enough sleep which is also very good for their bodies because the brain cells stay alive rather than die because of the lack of sleep that teens are getting.“24 hours without sleep for teens leaves you as an impaired as if you were legally drunk. It also causes brain cells to die” (Hudson). If teens pull an all nighter which is very frequent because they never finish homework at an early hour, it causes their brain cells to die and their bodies to act as if they were drunk. Lastly, school starting later would be robust for teens, and it can save them from all nighters (when their cells start to

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