Why School Should Start Later Essay

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Most students in many schools, hate getting up early in the morning to go to school. Well I know I hate getting up early. In my opinion I feel that schools should start later on in the day. Starting schools later on the day would benefit for the students health, concentration in class, and it can be very convenient in many cases. The way starting school later could benefit the students health is one it allows the teen to get more sleep. Statistics show that when teens don't get enough sleep there's higher rates of obesity and depression. Many students complain of not having enough time to eat breakfast and by starting later it gives them time to eat. It's important for students to eat breakfast because of their growing bodies and brain, and food helps to fuel their bodies and brains which helps students gain energy to do their best in school.The right amount of sleep that students should …show more content…

Students should get around to 8-10 hours of sleep, but most students are only getting about 6-7 hours of sleep. By starting schools late and letting the teens get more sleep it help them be better focused in class and to work harder. Also by pushing the time for schools it would be convenient for parents and students. The way it's convenient for the students is because they wouldn't always have to rush to catch the bus. They would also have more time to grab everything they need for school. The way its convenient for parents is that they wouldn't have to worry about rushing to get ready for work while making sure their child s ready and able to go In the end schools should start later. There are many reasons to why, but the main reasons on why school should begin at a later time are that it's better for the students health, it would help the students concentrate more in his or her classes, and it's more convenient for both the students and

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