Persuasive Essay: Why School Should Start Later

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Why School Should Start Later I never want to get up at 6:30, shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast, especially when I’m being rushed while doing that, and I believe other people would agree. School is not bad at all, it’s the thought of getting up early that makes it depressing for most students, especially high schoolers. School should start later because it would be better for student’s health. It would also help with their concentration in classes, which would highly affect their academic performance. Of course, if school started later, it would have to end late too. Most teens in high school have after-school activities, like work, volunteer work, etc., so it would be to hard to manage their time. However, school starting and ending …show more content…

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, you need to get enough sleep in order for you to grow and develop. If one does not get enough sleep, it will lower the immune system and increase the chances of getting sick. Also, if school starts later, you will have more time to eat a proper breakfast, which also benefits your health, and is important to develop the brain. When we rush to get ready in the morning, we usually don’t have time to eat breakfast. On top of not being rushed, you will not be as stressed whether you’re a parent, teacher, or …show more content…

If school started later, teens would be able to get more sleep, therefore increasing both their concentration and academic performance in classes. A later start gives students a longer attention span and a better morning. Obviously these things would really affect how the student performs. In addition, schools with later start times are likely to have higher attendance rates, according to the National Sleep Foundation. In an interview with many WAIS students, many students tend to sleep anyway during school, so they don’t even bother to show up, having to wake up that

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