The Negative Effects Of Early School Start Times

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Early School Start Times Most adolescents don’t get nearly the correct amount of sleep and the early school start times make it worse. Having school start later would have a great impact on teens’ overall health. Some people may say that teens should just go to sleep earlier, but its not that easy. Early school start times should be changed because they are dangerous, inconvenient, and it negatively affects body growth. Having an early school start time can be a huge threat to teens. Not getting enough sleep can lead to sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is very dangerous to teens because they are at a critical stage of development. According to a 2006 survey from the National Sleep Foundation, about 87% of American high school students are chronically sleep deprived. Another study of nearly 28,000 high schoolers from the Journal of Youth and Adolescents, found that for each hour of sleep lost there is a 38% increased chance of feeling sad and/or hopeless. There was also a 58% increase in suicide attempts. Teens that get around six hours a night are three times more likely to suffer from depression. Another negative impact from poor sleep are long term effects for a young person 's physical health. Bad sleep can lead to obesity and diabetes for teens and high schoolers who already skimp on sleep have a higher risk of diabetes in the future. As an already obese teen, losing sleep can also increase the risk of getting diabetes. For teens who already have diabetes, not

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