Why High School Should Start Later

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School days should start later for junior high and high school Students because it can cause problems for teens. Doctors have figured out during the ages 13-18; students bodies start to release a chemical in the brain that causes them not to able to go to sleep at times before eleven o’ clock. Which can cause a numerous problems with health which can effect students especially at school .They also found out during theses age groups they need nine to nine and a half hour of sleep to be able to function in school; 60% to 70% of teens in America suffer from Sleep deprivation which can cause heart disease, diabetes, strike, and heart failure ,ect. The average number of school hours in the United States is 6.64 some schools still have school hours ranging from 6.43 to 8.17 hours a day. You can see the difference of a 6 hour school to 8 hour school quickly because students will be asleep. Do to this they start drinking caffeine which can lead to other problems in their school if they have to keep drinking it to stay awake for class which worsens sleep deprivation for them. …show more content…

Students are not the only ones being affected by this. This would cause teachers to work longer, no test scores improvement, and the teachers to experience fatigue. If more hours of school happen then that would require more funding. If there’s no more funding then what would happen to extracurricular activities and the school. This would also affect the parents causing stress and this would cause students to lose motivation. This is why schools should not extend their hours. If they did it would cause a giant problem for the school and students. School districts have already decided to increase school hours already but I disagree with their course of

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