Summary Of Our Kids Need More Sleep By Valerie Erde

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In the article, “Our Kids Need More Sleep”, written by Valerie Erde, the author talks about school timing and discusses her opinion on whether it should be pushed back or remain the same. Erde mentions how if students get more sleep, they can report to school on time more often and also be ready to learn at all times. Because of this, she and others believe that school should not start as early as it does. I agree that students need more sleep but I do not agree with her on changing the school timing because kids would still not get enough sleep and I do not think students will be ready to learn at all times. Would students actually get more sleep than they already do? As a student, I personally think that I would not get more sleep because I would think to myself that since school starts later, I can just stay up later too. The effect to my choices would be waking up and being tired since I would get the same hours of sleep. I am sure that many others would act the same way I would. “...they report improvement in academic performance, a decrease in teen depression, a decrease in tardiness and truancy, an increased alertness in class, and reduction in teen car accidents” (Erde). Because many of the students wake up tired, these results would not be effective. It would seem as if there was no change in the …show more content…

It may be because they are tired or maybe they just do not want to be there. “...and had better grades than students at a school with a 7:15 a.m. start time” (Eder). How does getting more sleep even help you get better grades? A student who studies will study even on a night if the time was normal. Even if the time is pushed back, some students will not study because they do not care or they just simply never study. The teen can have a lot of free time on hand but if they are not used to studying, they still will not

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