Why School Should Start Later Essay

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Why Schools Should Have a Later Start Time Did you ever know that there are ways to help students improve their health by having their school time start later? There are many things that can change when schools have a later start time. There can be improvements and could make some new problems too. Someone against school starting later can bring up many issues. These issues could be, what about transportation? Who will be home to watch the kids after school and many more. Others have a view that schools should start later because high schools, they already have a late start on Thursdays. The school day should start later because it will help students’ health. Many things that involve a great amount of work will be a little easier to do it and focus on it better when the school day starts later. One thing that could change at school is the students would be less sleepy in the morning. This would help them by not falling asleep in class and not getting yelled by teachers for falling asleep because the will already be rested for the day. It will also most likely help students get better grades which will make the students be able to think more. They will also be more focused in class to get better grades which will also help get more work done in class. It will help them because there will be less misbehaved students which means the teachers will spend less time correcting the students. You could argue that it will not help students get better grades, but there has been many

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