Explain Why Schools Should Start Later

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Difficult Nights rey Underdahl, Per. 5 The kids who attend Sherwood Schools and many other schools start way too early for them. The schools start at 8:00am for the kids and end at 2:50pm, some kids have to wake up at six o’clock to have enough time for their busses. Kids don’t have time to do sports, homework, and get at least 8 hours of sleep. Schools should take out all furlough days, and early releases and have schools start at 8:30, but still end at 2:50. Also kids brains aren't working fully that early in the morning. Schools should start later for kids to get enough sleep. Kids who go to schools that start this early, have trouble waking up this early. Kids that are tired or have a bad attitude, won’t do their best, or might not even do anything. Kids are expected to do their best and work every day they go to school, but if they're tired, they won't work well. Also teachers need to wake up early too, so they aren't ready for school and to teach either. If teachers are too tired to teach they might feed the kids wrong information. Kids have trouble attending school this early. …show more content…

Teachers except homework to be done every night, When kids come in with not done homework, they will send them to lunch academy. Also if kids go to lunch academy and do not get a sticker on their I.D. badges their parents might get mad. That's another reason why school effects

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