Why Kids Shouldn T Have Homework Research Paper

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Early mornings have kids, and adults exhausted. Kids have a six hour day of school and whatever activities they

participate in after. Some students are looking at 10 hour days and that can be draining. The last thing kids want

to do when they come home from long days is homework. Homework can be consuming majority of the time

because of all the work that needs to be done in different classes. I believe kids shouldn't have homework

because it's stressful, time consuming, and kids need to have relaxation instead of worrying about homework.

If kids go to school for six hours a day, homework shouldn't be aloud. Kids have to stress about getting it done

which can cause them not to do it the right way sometimes, so they don't really benefit …show more content…

During each period of the day, I believe that teachers should teach the lesson and then

give the students a working day so they understand the material. Obviously there isn't time for the teachers to

explain every detail of the lesson, but some students tend to forget what the lessons were about so they don't

really understand their homework. All the work that is assigned should be done in school so the students don't

have to stress about it because it is time consuming, and kids need relaxation after a long day.

Students probably spend an average of two hours a night doing homework. I always hear my classmates express

their feelings about homework because they never have the time to fit it in their busy schedules. Homework is

time consuming because it can take up hours of someone's days. Teachers need to understand that it causes

more work for them as well because they have to collect and grade the homework. It's time consuming on both

parts, so I believe that homework should be assigned in the first place. It's stressful, and it's not the first thing on

a student's mind as soon as they come home.

Teenagers are busy now a days because they want to enjoy high school. Some people say that high school is

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