Benefits Of Extracurricular Activities

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Students who are more active in participating extracurricular activities are observed to benefit from various opportunities that come in their way especially in career path. Advantages for taking part in extracurricular activities includes higher standardised test scores, high educational attainment, getting better grades, attending classes on regular basis and have higher self-concept and confidence. Students who participate in outdoor activities learn skills including leadership and teamwork whereas reducing the percentage of getting involved in other harmful activities like (taking drugs, alcohol use and other health related issues).
Various researchers have analysed number of ways where Extracurricular Activities (ECAs) are advantageous for students. As found by Purcell & Hogarth (1999), activities including dance and music, team sports, student government, public service all have led to improve the skills of students after college life and entering in professional world.
However previously ECAs were considered to be as a distraction in studies, but now the role is changed and extracurricular activities are recognised as an important part of students college experience (Eide & Ronan, 2001). On the other hand Mary & Jessica (2011), participation of students in sports might have positive impact on future earning, though this varies according the ethnic background of the students. Another research conducted by Harvey (2001), claimed that participating in societies, clubs

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