Why Is It Important To Take Out Sports Persuasive Essay

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About 26 million kids participate in school sports, imagine how much that number would drop if we cut out sports. No more basketball, football, volleyball, track, and more. Let 's just stand here and watch the number drop to 15 million, then 10 million, next 5 million, eventually about 100,000, or less. Why are we gonna take away sports if they have a chance of injuries? Really every sport causes injuries, getting out of bed causes injuries. Are we gonna take out sports cause injuries are the only thing they have to offer, what about the benefits, athletes have a better success rate in school. These benefits definitely outway the cost. Plus kids love the sport(s) so much they don 't care about the small risk. While some believe that the safety is more…show more content…
They also help students thrive in the classroom. Students who participate in extracurricular activities often have a higher GPA ( grade point average) and miss fewer days of school. The average GPA of a nonathlete is 2.64. While the GPA of an athlete is 2.84. That may not be a lot but it is something. Also, most children and teens that participate in these activities miss an average of 7.4 days a school year. Other students miss an average of 8.8 days throughout the year. Although these may just be average and do not apply to every child, participants and not. These are very important to the school district and the overall world of school sports. Another thing that is important is these children academics. Participants also show to be in core classes than his/her classmates. They strive in classes such as Math, reading, science, and social studies. This is because these competitors have been taught certain skills that help them obtain higher grades. These skills include setting goals to one day break, Prioritizing what needs to get done and at a certain time, practicing the skills needed to perform better, and be positive towards the struggles thrown at
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