Should We Get Rid Of Sports In Schools

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For many years, people have debated whether or not school sports are good for children. Many people have stated, that after their students have been removed from sports, they have had an increase of some kind in their grades. Therefore, schools should eliminate sporting activities to save money, give the United States a better title, and help students boost their grades in class.

Because of how the country is with money, it is a very substantial thing for schools, so taking sports out of their system will help provide their students with more academically pleasing activities. According to Amanda Ripley, maintaining a grass field, and cleaning supplies cost at least $20,000 each time (11). If schools got rid of sports, it is said that they could save $150,000 which could then go toward more important things in school (Ripley, 11). This shows that if schools were to persuade their students into getting rid of sports, they could save more money that could then go into educational activities. This is important because this can help school owners save more money than they would have before removing school sports. …show more content…

Amanda Ripley has said that over 20 other nations have better high school graduations rates (10). She also stated, ”while sports do have many benefits, like exercise, lessons in perseverance, and school spirit, but it has gone too far” (Ripley 10). Like what Amanda Ripley said, even though sports provide a few little pros, they also come with the same amount of very serious cons. This data shows that sports are not one to go with academics, even though they can be quite

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