Synthesis Essay On High School Sports

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Many people believe that students that are involved in a high school sport affect their grade and test scores. At most high schools in America, sports are very popular and an important role in a student’s school years. High school sports have a positive impact on students and schools everywhere. Students have a better chance in succeeding in school while playing in a high school sport. First, high school sports are positive because it has great impact on both the student’s education and sports participation. As Source 1 states that “a positive relationship… appears to hold for a whole range of educational outcomes ranging from good grades and good test scores.” This means that students who are in a team sport have a positive effect on their …show more content…

Evidence that supports this is both measures commitment are significantly, positively related to lower dropout rates. This means that students have a strong attitude toward their school responsibilities. Ultimately, participating in a team sport will improve their work habits in future situations. Some would argue that students who are involved in their school sport affects their work in class. Opponents support their reasons by seeing the results of student’s work and test scores when they are playing on the team. However, students show commitment in staying on the team so they try to focus on their grades too. In fact, the university of Chicago, becoming a man-sports edition creates lasting improvements in the boys study habits and grade point averages. This evidence clearly shows that there is no harm into the student’s grade. The most convincing reason why high school sports are beneficial is that being in a school sports shows and improves social and participation around others. This is important because changing the emphasis on sports will result in more work habits but less participating in areas of work. So I ask the school board to see the situation from a different point of view while knowing the difference between being and not being in a school

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