Should High School Sports Stay Out Of Trouble?

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There are many ways of staying out of trouble. You can stay home, hang with the right crowed, just do not do dumb things. One way that has been proven by many would have to be playing sports in or out of school. Around 1852 when Massachusetts became the first state to require all kids to go to school, in 1917 the final state passed similar laws. In 1903 new york created an athletic league for boys, later on in 1910 17 other cities across the U.S. followed creating their own leagues. In 1952 close to all cities had leagues of their own. Now in 2013 around 7.7 million students played on a high-school sports team. Sports is a great way for teens and students to stay out of trouble because it keeps them busy, keeps them on the right track and gives them a reason to do well in school. Sports is a great way out of hundreds to stay out of trouble. …show more content…

For all sports students have practice. Some sports practice longer than others and some may practice before or after school. On top of practice many sports require you to go to lifting of some sorts. Schools may offer this as a class before or during school or their may be an after school option. Depending on how old you are hours you practice may very. Many college students may spend up to 40 hours a week practicing and working out (Jacobs). Spending that type of time working out and practice leaves little time for students to go out and get into trouble. College may practice more than high school, but it’s not by a lot. High School students practice long and hard just like college also leaving them little time to go out and get into trouble. Just making sports another great way for students to stay out of

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