Persuasive Essay: Why Homework Is Important For Students

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Everyone goes to school, everyone has homework. Homework has been a topic of interest for a very long time. Many students think that homework is not beneficial. However, without homework people wouldn’t remember what they learned in class. Homework gives kids the chance to prove what they have learned. Homework is beneficial when you have the right amount of homework. With homework you learn life skills, and finally it helps you master a skill. Furthermore, homework is beneficial to students. First of all, homework is beneficial when you have the right amount of homework. Studies show that with the right amount of homework 2nd graders have done better in math, 3rd and 4th better in english and vocabulary, 5th in social studies, and high schoolers in american history as well as shakespeare. This makes me think that anyone could get better at these skills and improve their grade with homework. In addition, in a poll that was conducted for the associated press 58% of parents said that their children have the right amount homework, 23% think it’s too little, and then 19% say it’s too much. By having many parents perspectives you not only get researchers opinions but millions of other people as well. The national PTA and NEA think that grades k-2 should have 10-20 minutes of homework, 3-6 should have 60 …show more content…

According to Harris Cooper, homework can help with the expansion of personal responsibility. This implies that kids will become more and more responsible over the years with homework. Furthermore, homework can also lead to good study habits. This tells us that in the future with homework kids will have developed great studying skills. Also, when doing homework kids are building good time management skills. Additionally, by building good time management skills kids will be able to manage their amount of homework well, and still have time to have fun. Overall, by doing your homework it will help with most of your life

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