Persuasive Essay For Students: No Homework For Students

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“No Homework For Students” Imagine being able to go home and not have to worry about doing homework or a big project to present. There wouldn’t be any stress about school. Instead, you get to lay down and watch your favorite show. Then you could go to the park with your friends and play games, or do anything that interests you. Sounds like an ideal afternoon right? If only all schools never gave homework. Homework is used in a lot of countries and in others there isn’t any. Some people believe it helps improve grades and scores. Others think kids should not have homework because it doesn’t help them and use standardized tests to support them. Over recent years, the debate has gotten more attention as to whether students should have homework as homework has seemed to increase. Students having homework does not benefit them in their academic skills and should be abolished. In countries like Japan and Denmark, the students don’t have much homework, but exceed the United States on international tests. A lot of tests have proven that homework does not help improve a student’s performance of skills. “A 2006 meta-analysis conducted of more than 60 studies of homework 's efficacy showed that doing homework did not necessarily increase an elementary school student 's test scores or grades.” (“Homework Bans Don’t. . .”) Another study in 2013, a researcher from Indiana University, Adam Maltese, conducted a study on sophomores to see the relationship between homework and their

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