Argumentative Essay: Should Schools Start Later

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Some people believe schools should start later because students would get more sleep but they would just go to sleep later because they get up later. Schools should start at the same time because of transportation, cost, and after school activities.
Since transportation is one big problem with schools starting at a later time, it should stay the same. Public busses are one way that students get to school in the morning and back home in the evening. The public buses might only go to the school at certain times in the day, and if school starts later in might interfere with those times. Also, you might have elementary students trying to go to and from school in the dark. According to “Should Schools Start Later” “We would be having elementary
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One cost would be the installation of lighting for outdoor sports. Fields may need to have lights to make it safe for teams to practice in the dark. Next, districts might need to purchase more busses. “Should Schools Start Later” states “Issaquah for example, would need new busses.” School busses can cost up to $85,000 dollars and depending on how any they need that price could add up quick. In addition to, the schools would be spending more money on heating and cooling. This is because In the summer you can have the windows open to let that cool morning air in. In the winter there will not be as much sunlight helping to heat the…show more content…
Even though, students might get more sleep, the fact is that kids will know they need to get up later, so they will just stay up later therefore not helping the situation at all. When the pros and cons are weighed, the conclusion is obvious schools should not start later. As you can see because of cost, transportation, and after school activities, schools start times should not be moved back. So, I ask all superintendents it you wish to save money, have better transportation, and help with after school activities, then leave the bells where they
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