Why Kids Shouldnt Have Homework

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For years kids under the age of 14 and 15 there is absolutely no scientific research to prove that homework is benefiting children. Students should not be assigned homework because it causes stress and along with that come other health issues and it is not worth it, and the results promised are not showing up in any studies on homework. Homework has been tested in many different ways by a ton different people and hasn’t shown any results. People around the country are complaining about homework. They are complaining about the realistic value of homework. A lot of teachers are trying to say that the homework is helping practice the concepts of the lessons, but studies show that the amounts of homework do not suggest an edge over people who are not having to do homework. This evidence shows that teachers feel it will help students academically by giving them homework and increasing amounts and that it does not make difference in a student’s education whether or not you have homework. Another reason example of why homework is not worth it is there …show more content…

Homework is hard on teachers, but even harder on students and children some people say if kids could actually receive the mindset of actually being able to call it a day and be able to get home and have their freetime but instead they have to wait until homework is finished to start freetime a quote from “Wwhy kids under age 14 dont need homework” by Justin Coulson “Research has demonstrated that it “overwhelms struggling kids and removes joy for high achievers.” A 2002 study found a direct relationship between time spent on homework and levels of anxiety, depression, anger, and other mood disorders and issues”, this evidence shows that kids are getting excited to go home after a long day of school but when they get home they need to do homework before their finally free and that that extra bit of time spent on homework is causing stress and other issues for children at young ages and continues throughout higher grade

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