Pros And Cons Of Leaving Home Essay

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Remaining home is not anymore the best way to avoid people you don’t like to see. In fact, given the ever-present existence of technology, your own living room, bedroom, and salon can change to be the perfect place where harassers feel at home and can get to you easily, say Emma Short and Joanna Bawa, from the University of Bedfordshire. As far from technology being the best way to communicate with others, it has its “bitter pill”. The freedom of the Internet and its large diversity give a big space for rude, embarrassing and disrespectful communications. It happens when things end up with flame wars (intentionally insulting statements and personal attacks), cyber harassment, and cyber stalking. According to Purcell, Pathe and Mullen …show more content…

Never give anyone your Social Security Number and do always check your credit report status to make sure that everything is on the right track. When going through a break up, it is better to reset all your passwords on all your accounts, especially if the other person was abusive or has went through a tough break up. Use free registry counters that will record all traffic to your web sites. When you face something suspicious (for example, a weird phone call) it could be a cyber stalker, you should act fast and carefully. If you ever get the idea that you are a target, you should get your PC checked by a professional to look for spyware and other viruses, especially if you have been stalked before. “The sooner the better”, if you think you are being cyber stalked, you should move and act fast, because once they see you taking action and blocking their ability to get to you, they will start losing interest in their target. Last but not least, after dealing with a cyber stalking encounter, it is very important to have lots of support, especially on the emotional level to be able to get over that period and deal with the

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