Technology And Religion Essay

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Billions have taken this religion along with their already-held beliefs, practicing both side by side. This new and fast-sweeping religion that we are all a part of is the religion of technology, where people worship the new gods of the internet and the television. Rather addressing it as a whole new religion, perhaps a better perspective might consider the predominance of faith of the late moderns, while talking about technology. Technology is certainly an omnipresent feature of late modern life. Machines and gadgets are becoming an inseparable part of our lives. Technological development has enabled remarkable advancement, greater comfort, improved health, readily accessible information, rapid communication, and easy transport to virtually …show more content…

Books are read on Kindles or iPads, drastically altering the brick-and-mortar landscape of bookstores and libraries. Filmmaking has moved into computer-generated imagery (CGI), a technology that has helped elevate video games into an art form. Some museums are experimenting with crowdsourcing as curatorial strategies, and many more have turned to QR codes, apps, and other online tools as ways to disseminate exhibit information. And, of course, the advent of Twitter, Facebook, and blogs has permanently changed the way stories are told. In an age in which we are surrounded by information, it’s no wonder that we congregate around our newly found idols such as cell phones, televisions and computers, that provide us with unlimited information. We’ve become addicted and the worst part is that we aren’t even aware of it. IT and communication technologies are used to create and maintain virtual spaces that are not constrained by the physical limitations of being confined to a particular place. It does not seem strange now when friends are together in a room busily texting away. To be clear, there is nothing inherently wrong with technologies enabling quick and easy communication with other people at distant

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