Argumentative Essay: Does Technology Make You Feel Alone?

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Technology Dose Not Make Feel Alone Technology is becoming more popular now and it dose not make them feel alone. A lot of people use technology now more than before, and it helps them know more people, and make them more connected. Also, it makes them play with each other, and make them having really fun and good time playing. But a lot of people think technology will make us more alone because technology make people separate from each other. According to Lindsey Craig in her article “Technology -- we all love it and we all use it, but how is it affecting us?” she stated that “Technology is making us more alone, because instead of interacting with our friends in person, we are dependent on using our phones or tablets. We start to compare…show more content…
so that will make them fell alone and not make them meet with their friends and family. However, I think using the internet make you more connected with our friends and our family. Also, using the internet help us to know more people, and it help us to have a fun time playing games from the internet. So that with won’t make me feel alone. Some people might say, playing with friends using technology make them feel more alone because it is not face to face, and it is boring to play alone. In contrast, I say using technology game like PlayStation is a way that make people stay together and paly. We can hangout with friends using PlayStation or playing online together and having a fun time. I play online games and it is more fun and challenging. Also, I made new friends when I play with them online, and now I contact with them every day to play online games on PlayStation. playing with friends using technology will not make me feel…show more content…
Also, they still think if there are no people around you, you will feel alone. However, some technology has a good advantage which is calling in a phones, so I can use my phone to call family or friends. Using technology dose not make me feel alone with calling advantage. For example, when I feel alone or homesick I use my phone to call my mom and my dad and, so that made me feel not homesick or alone. Whenever you feel alone just go and call someone you love and see who you feel after you call the

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