Descriptive Essay: My Father's Humorous Wedding

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The afternoon was strangely perfect, waves bringing only light sea spray and the sun was as bright as ever in the vast sky. A groom was standing near the pedestal with his pressed suit and slick hair, a wistful expression flitting on his face. The crowd at his feet were aristocrats from the smoothest crop. Businessmen rich from oil exports, pearl harvesting, and fishing checked their clocks, a huff escaping their lips as arrogant as their groomed hair. Women kept turning their heads from their door to the crown prince, excitement twisting their jeweled necks. A chorus of trumpet marches in the room noisily. The bride was coming. The previous casual gossip and chatter fade into whispers. Eyes observe bride’s placid expression, even gentler in the summer heat. The glassy brown eyes weren’t vivid like the bright blues and greens watching her. The color was foreign in the kingdom. A new wave of excitement moves the crowd to speak in the …show more content…

After the king and queen passed away the prince had been jittery with his safety. He told her he can still see the scene in his nightmares an uncanny pair of eyes always lurking behind him. She soothed him during these times and kept his mind off the deaths. Now at their beach house where they first met, the newly married couple enjoys their first day together. They eat dinner by the sea, something classy to fit the prince’s tastes. He tells her he was happy to be with her when he is at his weakest. She hums a reply and sings. She was a siren, a mermaid of songs with a sublime ability to manipulate the mind into any path. The prince falls asleep soundlessly and his voice was lost that night. She cried with all her might and his younger brothers comfort her. They soon join their family, their bodies all sinking down to the ocean bed with her family. The siren becomes the queen soon after, a glimmering pearl crown on her head and an unstable current in her

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