Sky Essays

  • How To Write A Descriptive Essay On The Beach

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    I lay gazing up towards the sky that stretched out endlessly overhead the wind blew across the plains where I lay ruffling my hair as my eyes drifted across the heavens. Several clouds passed overhead, like islands they floated high above unrestrained by the ground. As the wind blew across my face once more I could pick up the tang of the sea air. The salty taste coated my lips, and it was as if I could hear the waves lapping at the shore, ah the ocean I thought as my mind began to wander. A smile

  • How To Struggle In Rodman Philbrick's Freak The Mighty

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    The novel Freak The Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick is about two disabled boys named, Kevin Avery, nicknamed “Freak”, who is physically handicapped but very intelligent, and Maxwell Kane, a large, very slow, but kind-hearted boy. Together, they use valuable life skills that are efficient and effective in getting through hard times in life, as the world is very difficult for them both. When the two are alone, life is a challenge, and they face big hardships at school. Kevin is suffering from a disease

  • A Day Before Hitman Analysis

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    Days Before Hitman The street was fallen in the dark as the moon began its journey to the sky. Leon sat on the chair and stayed near the window with his bulb eyes opened. There were bloodshot existed. It was a day after Leon had a beautiful meeting with his lovely Ava, and he figured out that he can’t contact her anymore when he gave her a phone call. Ava never rejects his phone call, something must have happened. He took a hat from nowhere and put it on his no hair head. It was now time for action

  • Descriptive Writing About The Dragon

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    DRAGON POV The clouds covered the sky as quickly as a snake, slithering across the now fading blue sky. I watched them move over my lonely castle and cast a dark shadow over the land. It seemed right, it matched my dark mood. Ever since my friends had been hunted down by the humans, I had hid away and sat in this castle for hundreds of years, waiting for a human to come end me too. Tears formed under my turquoise eyes and the droplets glided down my face and dripped onto the cold stone floor. A lake

  • I Ll Open The Window Rita Dove Analysis

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    The way that Dove and Swir use metaphors in their poems do exactly this. Dove uses a metaphor to describe the beautiful stars in the night sky, “and night strewn salt across the sky.” A lot of people find delight when looking at the stars so it would make sense for Dove to use the concept of stars in her poem. Many people believe that if you wish upon a shooting star then your wish will come true. So by using

  • Descriptive Essay: Oswego Lake

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    As I look out the window of my house to see a cold and uninviting gray sky, with a wall of evergreen pines leading down to the shore of Oswego Lake, a sense of longing overcomes me. The lake tantalizes me, reaching out with her arms, begging me to go for a swim. I think back to the summer days, with the sun sizzling above me as I leap off the bow of my boat, arms pointed to the cloudless sky. I arch over, curved like a bottlenose dolphin breaching, before I effortlessly slide from sweltering air

  • My Perfect Holiday

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    You were remote on a still-sleepy, fringed beach, and here fulfilling your craving for lazy days on an inclined beach chair where the pace lends itself to long days spent sunbathing. While it’s afternoon serves up an old-fashioned romantic feel and nights spent tucking into just-caught seafood along the waterfront. This might seems the picture-perfect holiday, but would it be still perfect if you were alone in a nowhere space? No beach umbrellas to shade the sun off your head, no waiter who brings

  • My Favourite Place

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    coast, the coast is a beautiful place where I spend my days basking in the sun, swim in the crystal clear water and am lulled to sleep with the soothing sounds of the waves and warm sea breezes. The past days had been splendid with the sun high in the sky and the waves rolling in as usual. Knocking us from out cloud of happiness, the days started to become gray, the clouds became thick and full of rain with winds that made the waves roar. It looked like there was a bad storm coming so I decided to prepare

  • Crispin The Cross Of Lead: An Analysis

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    In the book, “Crispin The Cross Of Lead” by Avi, Crispin’s experiences which have had a very impactful effect on his world due to changes which have caused him to be more content with his life, more lonely, and more self-dependent. After a very prolonged dreadful journey with countless number of hours Crispin keeps on asking himself questions about his existence. As Crispin wanders off into the unknown lands he comes across a warning from god in the shape of a corpse blocking his path, he ponders

  • Descriptive Writing On A Boat Ride

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    “What a great day for a boat ride,” I thought to myself. It is a cozy warm, shorts and short sleeve shirt day at the time that people are arriving onto the big bulky catamaran. The sky is light blue with some dainty see-through clouds and a slight warm western breeze. I am located on one of the tropical islands of Hawaii, Kauai. The glossy white surface of the boat is blinding because of the reflection from the early evening sun. Teeth showing grins from children, parents, and grandparents appear

  • Descriptive Essay: The Ohio River

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    The Ohio River's waves are like algae tinted, sparkling mirrors underneath the hot January Sun, twinkling like brightly lit stars on cold winter's night. The slime, green algae covers the Small, sand colored rocks like a wet blanket and is as slippery as an accidental oil spill. The winter air is moist and reeks of sour, wet wildflowers and day old rotting fish while the sound of busy, buzzing flies, hovering above it, blend in with the river's rhythmic wave like melody. The cold

  • Pride Of Chinese Film Analysis

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    Pride of Chinese Films, Director Zhang Yimou I remember flying through the night sky, towards the stars, enjoying their comfort and company on a lonely night. I sometimes see fairies dancing along the lake, illuminating the dark cold twilight. I have been frightened by evil witches and amused by the nicer ones. You would probably ask me where I am. I am definitely not dreaming, so where could I be? I have experienced the joy of being in love. I have felt the pain and sorrow of my broken heart

  • Descriptive Essay: Utopia (Perfect Place)

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    beautiful burnished water dashed along the sea side carrying the shells. The breath taking trees stretched up towards the sky as if they were as sky scrapers covering the alluring sky. I gazed at the dancing dolphins from the sea shore as they moved in unison, Adorable puppies were on the trot in along the yellow sand . The shimmering waves crashed along the shore as the sun rose in the sky, in the birds flying passed it, and chirping in the air. Looking over my shoulder, suddenly I was pulled by amazement;

  • Advertising Campaign Analysis

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    Plot each advertising campaign for destinations Bali, Lombok and Flores described as follows: Bali: Cloudy sky, the sun appeared between two clouds and shining brightly/ a stretch of coastline with white sun pads/ lined up along the coast interspersed with several smaller boats/ the beach becomes part of the front page of several hotels/ faraway look background of the hills; Sea waves crashing on a rocky beach cliff/ people milling around by bike or on foot/ the beach views from the top of the cliff/

  • Descriptive Essay: Siloso Beach

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    The sky is dotted with white, fluffy clouds that blocks the ever burning sun, the cerulean blue gown that is the sea and the sand that seemed to be dipped in earthshine gold. Palm trees are lined in serried rows that sway side to side in the whistling wind and the magnificent peacocks that make their occasional appearance. All these are the reasons why the beach is at the top of my list of places I would go to clear my mind. Many people have their place where they find complete peace and comfort

  • Civility And Savagery In Lord Of The Flies And The Hunger Games

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    Imagine the sight of an open blue sky, trees growing, and warm dry grass moving briskly by the air. And, in front of this scene, there is a wonderful endless pit, stained by blood and some partial limbs. The whole world has just decided to jump off a cliff, because why not escape the dark gripping fears that life holds? Society has darred and pushed each other off to this dark encasing hole. Sure it will hurt, but only for a little bit, right? Then it can all be over, done, and finished. But, common

  • The Importance Of Color In My Life

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    you can see to the bottom. You see a variety of colored fishes and dark green seaweed. You look into your love’s eyes and see the beautiful vibrant color that they are. You both look up and see the sunset paint beautiful red and oranges across the sky. The colors complete this scene. Now imagine the same scene over again, but it’s all beige. Everything: beige sand, beige sea, beige fish, beige sunset, beige eyes. It wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful, and that would be your world without color. This

  • Time Square Descriptive Essay

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    Looking through the sheer glass window of a plane, I could see the beautiful sunset resting behind New York City. The glowing beams from the sunset radiated to the sky while orange and pink colors dispersed in every direction. Stars, or maybe other planes, loomed in the distance. Below, I spotted Central Park, the only green patch in the entire concrete jungle. Nearby, I could hear the chopping of a helicopter as the plane descended towards the ground. When the plane finally landed, the sunset

  • Descriptive Essay About A Summer

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    looking dead into my eyes. She began to walk toward me. I was committed by her beauty that I started walking towards her, she must be a model her beauty was shimmering and the way the sun danced upon her golden hair. Those eyes as blue as the summer sky somehow I found myself lost and her lips, yes her lips were as red as cherries. And in my mind I have kissed them a thousand times She was an angel and I was saying to myself I would never break your heart never and we haven’t even met yet. Strange

  • Personal Narrative: My Mission To This World

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    My mission to this world, everyone, is a tiny dust in the world. But there is a faint and strong light in the world. We come to this world, we have to look at the sun. A poet said this. So, what is our mission to the world? I’d like to ask myself. Not everyone can become Buffett, and not everyone can become a president and become a national hero. Chengdaqi need to double fulfill themselves and the society. The vast majority of people are ordinary for a lifetime, but the ordinary does not represent