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  • October Sky Essay

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    Outside Reading Project Across Disciplines-How did this story inform you about another subject? The book October Sky not only tells an intriguing story of a boy, his town, and rockets, it also informs the reader about how the rockets are built and what it takes to design and build each one. In the book, a group of boys that call themselves “the Rocket Boys” are building rockets; at first it is for sport and to see if they can do it, but it evolves into a source of pride for the town. This is to

  • Short Story: The Sky Spirit Shawnee Tribe

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    The Sky Spirit, Shawnee Tribe, and Kiwaan 's legacy   Long ago lived a great Sky Spirit, a Giant Snake named Scavenger, and a mischievous Coyote by the name of Kahali. The Sky Spirit and Scavenger lived together up in the sky above a world of nothingness where Kahali lived all alone. All around them was nothing but clouds as the eye can see.   One day the Sky Spirit decided that he will make new land and a new place down below on the world of nothingness. He said " I 'll create a world filled with

  • Analysis Of Homer Hickam's October Sky

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    making dreams come true. This message translates directly to Homer Hickam 's memoir October Sky. This theme emerge very early in the book in Sonny’s many relationships; then later in his interests and goals. Sonny is determined to achieve his goals, even after multiple failures. Sonny soon recognizes these values and how they are essential component in the Rocket Boy’s success. Homer Hickam’s memoir October Sky shows through Sonny’s rocketry endeavors, his strained relationship with his father, and

  • Social Stereotypes In The Film, October Sky

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    The movie October Sky does an outstanding job of conveying what life was like in the year 1957 and in doing this the audience gets a fairly clear insight into the ins and outs of the society back in that time period. The movie begins in October of 1957 just shortly after Soviet satellite, Sputnik I, was put into orbit. Seeing Sputnik zip across the sky of his home town Coalwood, main character Homer Hickam is inspired to build a model rocket. Homer brings together a group of friends, both old and

  • Mrs. Hickman Family In Homer's October Sky

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    In the movie October Sky, a young boy named Homer Hickam lived in a little town called Coalwood in West Virginia. He had the determination: to build and shoot off his own rockets by “Sputnik” that was orbiting around the sky. Homer’s dad, John, wasn 't so thrilled with his idea of building these rockets and said it was a waste time to try building his own rocket. He wanted Homer to follow in his footsteps and work in the mines. With the help of his friends and teachers, Homer continued to pursue

  • Homer Hickman's October Sky: Film Review

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    October sky Homer Hickman with the dream of launching his very own rocket after witnessing his idol van brawn successfully launches a rocket to space. With the help of his friends and teachers he slow climbs towards his dream in the movie October sky. Homer Hickman is introduced as a high school student who is young and determined to studying at big creek High with his friends. To achieve his dream Homer has to go through difficulties including his own father and school mates even Former friends

  • St. Louis Art Museum Analysis

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    The sun beams from the sky are lighting up a small area of the painting and the rest is dark and gloomy. The gloominess of the painting represents dark and depressing times while the brightness of the sky creeps through thick dark clouds. This represents heaven because heaven is so large and bright and amazing that even though life is hard and seems like the world

  • Under The Persimmon Tree Analysis

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    (AGG) The poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said: “Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.” (BS-1) Both Nusrat and Najmah have a deep connection to the stars through their lineage and the people they love. (BS-2) Stars also hold a deeper meaning of hope to the reader, which is evident through the author 's interpretation. (BS-3) Much like Najmah, Staples symbolically uses the stars to show Nusrat’s faith in a new light

  • Descriptive Essay On Lake Research Paper

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    The light continues its battle with the darkness through the tainted curtain. It reflects off the table and resembles the swaying lake. Rain blankets the earth and the lightening throws itself throughout the menacing sky. The window goes dark. Shaking the ground, the thunder throws the bedroom light on! Between the ever decreasing moments of darkness; the cabin around the window emerges. The square shape and color of its light blue siding shows age. Another window

  • How To Struggle In Rodman Philbrick's Freak The Mighty

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    The novel Freak The Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick is about two disabled boys named, Kevin Avery, nicknamed “Freak”, who is physically handicapped but very intelligent, and Maxwell Kane, a large, very slow, but kind-hearted boy. Together, they use valuable life skills that are efficient and effective in getting through hard times in life, as the world is very difficult for them both. When the two are alone, life is a challenge, and they face big hardships at school. Kevin is suffering from a disease

  • The Breakaway Thomas Roberts Analysis

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    details whilst maintaining a soft and smooth stroke line. This interprets the theme of ‘The Bush’ by comparing it to Australia’s inner core landscape. The green from the trees is perched above and away from the earthy tones below. The perfectly blue sky shows a hope in the distance indicating the help the drover needs in this story. The appealing factor of this paintings comes from its message and juxtaposition of colours and stroke

  • A Day Before Hitman Analysis

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    Days Before Hitman The street was fallen in the dark as the moon began its journey to the sky. Leon sat on the chair and stayed near the window with his bulb eyes opened. There were bloodshot existed. It was a day after Leon had a beautiful meeting with his lovely Ava, and he figured out that he can’t contact her anymore when he gave her a phone call. Ava never rejects his phone call, something must have happened. He took a hat from nowhere and put it on his no hair head. It was now time for action

  • Descriptive Writing About The Dragon

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    DRAGON POV The clouds covered the sky as quickly as a snake, slithering across the now fading blue sky. I watched them move over my lonely castle and cast a dark shadow over the land. It seemed right, it matched my dark mood. Ever since my friends had been hunted down by the humans, I had hid away and sat in this castle for hundreds of years, waiting for a human to come end me too. Tears formed under my turquoise eyes and the droplets glided down my face and dripped onto the cold stone floor. A lake

  • Ocean Descriptive Writing

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    standing on top of a cliff that faced a forest that seemed to go on for miles. The soles of my feet made contact with the coarse rocky ground, whose bumps tried to penetrate my skin. Above me was a twilight sky that was pinkish-purple in colour. You could see the many twinkling stars hanging from the sky. From below me I could hear the singing of cicadas and the chirping of bird, which blended together to form an orchaestra. A gentle blew against my face, bringing along with the salty scent of the ocean

  • Creative Writing: Pigeons

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    Golden rays danced across the deep blue surface of the still water as the day awoke. A cascade of light enveloped the horizon, unveiling a bountiful array of colours. Fields of red roses serenaded the sky, while enormous willow trees, swayed in the light breeze, applauding its arrival. Perched precariously upon a thin branch stood a delicate wood pigeon. Without warning a loud crack echoed across the area and the pigeon fell to the mercy of gravity. A flurry of colour erupted from its sides as it

  • Trickster Hero Research Paper

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    the dark cold world of earliest times the people had no fire. All of the people at raw food and shivered in the cold. Because Raven knew that there was fire up in the sky. One night he flew up through a hole in the sky to the tent of the sun. He transformed himself into a baby boy and lay outside the tent. The daughter of the skies found him, and brought him into the sun 's tent. The baby boy grew quickly. Became a toddler

  • I Ll Open The Window Rita Dove Analysis

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    The way that Dove and Swir use metaphors in their poems do exactly this. Dove uses a metaphor to describe the beautiful stars in the night sky, “and night strewn salt across the sky.” A lot of people find delight when looking at the stars so it would make sense for Dove to use the concept of stars in her poem. Many people believe that if you wish upon a shooting star then your wish will come true. So by using

  • Descriptive Essay: Oswego Lake

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    As I look out the window of my house to see a cold and uninviting gray sky, with a wall of evergreen pines leading down to the shore of Oswego Lake, a sense of longing overcomes me. The lake tantalizes me, reaching out with her arms, begging me to go for a swim. I think back to the summer days, with the sun sizzling above me as I leap off the bow of my boat, arms pointed to the cloudless sky. I arch over, curved like a bottlenose dolphin breaching, before I effortlessly slide from sweltering air

  • Ashes By Susan Pfeffer Analysis

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    Acording to the website, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, which is the seperation of two parents, and Ashleigh and her parents from the article Ashes by Susan Pfeffer, is apart of that 50%. One of the only differences that Ashleigh’s mom and dad have, though, is that Ashleigh’s dad has a debt of $200.00, which he doesn’t have, and resorts to using Ashleigh’s mom’s emergency money, which is located in a teapot at her apartment. Ashleigh is

  • Toddlers Narrative

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    Toddlers. They were surrounding me. They stared at their cupcakes and licked clean the plastic princess rings from on top of them. Among these toddlers was a boy with curly brown hair and brown eyes. He licks the frosting off of his glittery pink princess ring and then brings it over to the girl with red pigtails and blue eyes. “Thanks,” she says. She means it. That little girl was me and the boy is my best friend Ben. Ben and I have known each other for longer than even we can remember. We were