St. Louis Art Museum Analysis

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Throughout this semester as a class we have gone over many different terminology, seen many artists from all different countries and time periods. We have also learned about different kinds of art and media that the Artist work with. Over the entire semester I have gained a greater appreciation and understanding for art. Taking all of the new information that I learned this semester I choose three pieces of artwork from the St. Louis Art Museum. Two are similar to each other and the other is very different. The three pieces that I choose to critique are called Keith, Betty and Loch Lomond. The first painting, “Keith” is a painting done by the man named Chuck Close.
This painting captures the detail of a man with an intense look upon his face. Chuck Close uses extreme details to make the painting seem as if it were a photograph taken by a camera. The painting is done in black white and gray. For this painting, Close used acrylic on a canvas. Close takes a photograph and creates a grid on both the …show more content…

The sun beams from the sky are lighting up a small area of the painting and the rest is dark and gloomy. The gloominess of the painting represents dark and depressing times while the brightness of the sky creeps through thick dark clouds. This represents heaven because heaven is so large and bright and amazing that even though life is hard and seems like the world is ending, there is always something greater out there. Personally, I love this painting. I really like how Dore paints that trees and valley dark because it really highlights the beams from the sun. My favorite part is the sky. I love how the sky is very dark and depressing but in the middle it is light from the sunlight peeping in the clouds. We have talked in class a few times in the beginning of the semester about dark and light and what it can do to a painting. After seeing this panting I learned/ understood exactly what we were talking

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