Mending Socks By Archibald John Motley Jr.

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Archibald John Motley Jr.’s painting, “Mending Socks”, illustrates an elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair. She has a scarlet blanket loosely hung around her shoulders and is wearing a lace-bordered white apron. Above her on the wall is a wooden cross. In the painting she is repairing socks, hence the piece’s name. On the periwinkle table to her left is a small pile of olive green socks. The painting is oil on canvas and contains an extensive amount of contrast. For example, the bright vermillion blanket against the dull eggshell colored door. The disparity between the colors used is prominent. Additionally, the fusion of ornate patterns and simplistic solids is evident. The tablecloth is a geometric mixture of cream and periwinkle. However,

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