Noah Sacrificing Deluge Analysis

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The art work that is analyzed below is the “Noah Sacrificing Deluge” by Benjamin West. This particular painting was painted in the 1800s and the artist used an Oil Paint on a canvas. This art was 1 out of 36 in a series for the Windsor Castle in England. Mr. West lived to be 82 years old and was the first Americans to become a success on the foreign market. He would become a historical painter for King George III and president of the Royal Academy of Arts. He completed 18 painting before the king’s mental state of mind and suspicion questioned West’s political loyalties which ended the project. The colors that Mr. West used in the painting are dimmed and dull with the exception of a white gown worn by a woman in the center of the painting (I will elaborate on that later). The color palette that he choose I believe was to show that atmosphere of doom and gloom for the passing apocalyptic flood that just cleansed the land of sin. The brush strokes that make up the human figures are thin and almost invisible to the naked eye. The painting has a light and smooth finish to finish to it, and at the same time the bold outlines of the male figures appear like a sketching. Little detail compared to the woman in the center of the canvas. The clouds are dark and made with …show more content…

The group is painted as if she was the true center of the art work. She is wearing the brightest color in the painting. This makes her the second focal point in the painting. This raises the question who is this woman? Is she an angle that is sent down by god to give the message to Noah? Is she the wife of Noah? The group behind Noah was painted leaning towards the woman in white. The women are in a clam and peaceful state, as if they were pleased with the sacrifice. The men are drawn with fear and agony, as they are bowing and kneeling. This was again toward the woman in

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