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  • Wall Paintings

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    Conservation Of Wall Paintings Vedangi Deshpande, M.Arch III sem   Aim: To study the conservation techniques and process for wall paintings. Objectives: To study traditional wall painting techniques used in different parts of India. To study the deterioration factors and process for wall paintings. To study the different methodologies used for conservation of wall paintings. Introduction: 1. Ajanta Caves Ajanta Caves, located in Maharashtra state are one of the significant Buddhist

  • Landscape Painting

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    Landscape painting appeared as a prominent genre during the Dutch Golden Age, originating from the Flemish landscapes of the previous century. Philips Wouwerman (1619–1668), perhaps the most representative figure of the city of Haarlem, provided one of the biggest and most significant contributions to the canon of this Dutch tradition of the 17th century. The most significant recurring symbol in Wouwerman’s work is the appearance of horses. The majority of his pieces depict vast landscapes, and all

  • Landscape Painting Rubens

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    continuously improve and enhance of painting materials and techniques, landscape as background has also been portrayed more natural and vivid. Humanist thought has been widely accepted from Renaissance, people's minds was liberated, the changing of society offered the possibility for the independent development of landscape painting. Giorgione (c. 1477/78) of the Venetian school was considered as the first painter to make landscape painting towards independence. From his painting The Tempest(1506-1508) , landscape

  • Prado Painting

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    While visiting the Prado, our tour focused mainly on the works of Goya, and the succession of paintings throughout his life. The works consisted of three main categories that included Goya as the tapestry designer, court painter, and his black paintings. As discussed in class and at the museum, Goya first began his career in Zaragoza, Spain, and during the 1770’s he moved to Madrid. Goya worked under three different kings, and when he arrived in Madrid, Charles the III was in power. Charles the

  • Farewell Painting Analysis

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    a 28''x 28'' painting created in 1943 by Richard Wilt. In 1943 a major event was World War 2 and this can suggest the time period the painting is in. This painting was done with oil on canvas and is located at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. This painting in my mind shows the style of romanticized. I think this way because of the way the painting is speaking to me and the different emotions the painting is giving off. Some emotions that I am getting from this painting would be freedom

  • Essay On Encaustic Painting

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    Resurgence of Encaustic Encaustic painting goes back to 100 A.D. and traditionally used in paintings of dead pharaohs. Encaustic is the art of using beeswax and/or damar resin infused with pigments and applied to a suitable surface to create a work of art - though other recipes of encaustic grade wax has been used as well. The use of encaustic to produce art only saw light again in the 20th century during the time when Bauhaus was established as an art academy in Weimar, Germany in 1919. The artists

  • Essay On Mughal Painting

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    of Mughal painting “The miniatures of the Mughal period are really the pinnacle of Indian artistic achievement. And not a single one of those paintings is done by an individual artist.” — Salman Rushdie The Mughal painting had seen its widespread between the 16th and 19th centuries. It emerged from the Persian miniature painting but Indian artist followed the artistic freedom and supported naturalism in their vision with additional Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain influences. Mughal painting usually took

  • Emotions In Monet's Paintings

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    The Classification of Emotions in Monet’s Paintings According to Claude Monet, a famous impressionist artist, “It 's on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.” (as cited by Kendall, 2004). As artwork is chiefly depicted in many different ways, such as in natural, spiritual, objective, or subjective description, Monet believes that a plein-air painting style can convey such profound feelings to audiences based on thorough observation

  • Painting The Impossible Analysis

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    Exhibition Review Hodler Monet Munch. Painting the impossible Yufei Li (724110) BBA 6A Hotel Institute Montreux   When I knew that I’m going to visit this art exhibition – Painting The Impossible, I was thinking what means “impossible”, does it refer to paint the fact that not exist in real life or those paintings were not acceptable or favored by most of people at that period? I was wondering how this exhibition is going to surprise me. So I brought those questions as well as with a great expectation

  • Andrea Mantegna Painting Analysis

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    There are multiple elements and analysis to be made about this painting such as: visual elements, materials, techniques, how this piece was influential, and subjects of matter (people, objects, landscapes,etc.). It will all be divided into three analysis: Formal analysis, Technical Analysis, and Contextual Analysis. There are many visual elements that the artist uses in this piece, but something to be acknowledged about this painting is that it is very well balanced, giving the viewer a nice sense

  • Ancient Egyptian Wall Paintings

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    lotus effect coatings for the conservation of ancient Egyptian wall paintings Hussein H. Marey Mahmoud Lecturer, Department of Conservation, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, 12613 Giza, Egypt Tel., 00201117964502; Fax., 0020235728108; e-mail: Abstract: The tombs and temples of ancient Egypt are famous with their wall decorations. Different weathering factors are affecting the ancient wall paintings in Egypt. The main deterioration factors affecting these decorations

  • Office Painting Analysis

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    being decorated with paintings from the 19th-century impressionist and post-impressionist works. When decorating the office, it will be important to ensure that the paintings that have been chosen are in line with the mission, vision, and goals of the company. This memo highlights on some of the paintings that have been chosen to be displayed at the new corporate offices. The paintings are from the 19th-century impressionist and post-impressionist periods. The impressionist paintings The Floor Scrapers:

  • Vietnamese Oil Painting: Based On Vietnamese Oil Painting

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    assignment theme is based on Vietnamese oil painting. I have found out that oil painting is not originated from Vietnam, but Vietnamese artist through times have develop oil panting skills and techniques to a different stage. Therefore my intension is to thoroughly analyse the painting processes and techniques of Vietnamese oil painting during the period of war to the development of the Socialist republic of Vietnam (1960-1976) and I will compare two painting from this period with two contemporary works

  • The Pantheon And Caravaggio's Paintings

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    Bernini and Bellori had described the lighting of the Pantheon and Caravaggio’s paintings, respectively, back in the seventeenth century. Whereas, Bernini described the Pantheon lighting as light from above that enhances the beauty of any object or person within the space. On the other hand, Bellori described Caravaggio’s paintings as a great example of chiaroscuro, of which was achieved by using minimal artificial lighting just to expose the central figures and leaving the rest in shadow. Both Bernini

  • Wall Painting Analysis

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    The analytical techniques The analysis of wall paintings is affected by many factors; the small size of sample, the degradation processes, the multi-layers of the structure and the complexity of the mixtures (organic and inorganic compounds). The analyzing method for ancient materials should be micro or non-destructive, fast, sensitive and multi-elemental. Optical Microscopy (OM) The examination of painting materials usually begins with visual observations. That are useful in providing data about

  • Wayne Thiebaud Painting Analysis

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    Living inside a painting Art is a very strong way to express feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Wayne Thiebaud is known for his very famous paintings such as, pastries, cakes, pies, toys, etc. Wayne will always be known for his still life artwork. The title of this famous artwork is called Valley Streets, which was created in 2003. The mass is in 2D being that it is flat on a canvas. The medium of this amazing artwork is oil paint on canvas. In which dimensions are 48 in. X 60 in. It is located

  • Henri Matisse: Great Paintings

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    Henri Matisse drew some outstanding paintings. In the beginning of the 20th century was the modernism era. It included amazing and famous painters, sculptors, draughtsmen, and printmakers. In this era an amazing artist was born called Henri Matisse. He was born in 31, December 1869 in Le Cateau-Cambrésis in Northern France. He was a painter, sculptor, drafts man, and printmaker. His mother was an amateur painter and his father was a corn merchant. He studied law from 1887 to 1891

  • The Woman In Berger's Painting

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    The woman in Rubens painting is very much a display of nakedness. Berger’s first criterion, that the painting transcends a single instant, can be proven a few different ways. The way the fur coat is loosely hanging is the first indicator, it cannot remain in that position for a long period of time so it is clearly a single instant. Another point is the way the breasts are being held, in the Olympia painting and similar paintings the woman is in a comfortable position that could last for a relatively

  • Chinese Painting Analysis

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    The historical backdrop of Chinese painting can be contrasted with an ensemble. The styles and conventions in figure, scene, and flying creature and-bloom painting have made topics that sustain to blend right up 'til the present time into a solitary bit of music. Painters through the ages have made up this "ensemble," creating and performing numerous types of kineticism and varieties inside this custom. It exuded from the Six Traditions (222-589) to the Tang administration (618-907) that the substructures

  • Claude Monet's Paintings

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    Pimnara Wattanapongsin - 5780744 Four Groups of Monet’s Paintings “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece,” said Claude Monet (as cited in “Waterlilies Nympheas,” n.d.). Monet loved to paint people and places that he was familiar with. Throughout his life, Monet spent a lot of time producing many famous paintings, which captured his exquisite garden; his garden was something that he took immense pride in. He was fascinated by the beauty and the movement of nature. Although he only painted in