Painting Essays

  • Untitled Painting

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    piece I chose to critique for my third gallery review, I picked the painting Untitled by an American Artist, Francis Davis Millet. This painting is believed to have been done somewhere between the years 1880 to 1890. The actual date is unknown, but the content of this painting is comparable to other paintings this artist did during those times. There was no price listed for this piece of artwork. The content used in this painting provides attitude of a romantic

  • Oil Painting Comparison

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    In my media exploration and comparison, I chose to compare an oil painting and an acrylic painting. The first painting I want to talk about is “The Scream” painted in Norway in 1893 by Edvard Munch. This is an oil based painting, that uses strong colors to contrast statements. The painting meaning is simple, a man walking on a bridge has a strong moment of anxiety and stress causing an existential crisis therefore his facial expression. Using the bright colors and a wavy sort of spinning type strokes

  • Ancient Mummy Paintings

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    collection of fifteen Egyptian mummy paintings collecting dust for nearly one-hundred years, is now aiding scientists and art conservators from Northwestern University to discover how materials were used by ancient artists. Previously, researchers believed ancient painters to apply Egyptian blue only for special occasions. The color was the first ever man-made blue pigment, it took effort to manufacture. Surprisingly researchers found five of the fifteen paintings contained the pigment underneath the

  • Paintings: Panic Of 1869

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    Paintings have captured valuable histories long before cameras were invented. A painting is not only a canvas with patterns and colors on it, but a refined image of contemporary society. Every detail of the history, especially economic history, has been and will be reflected in art. During the museum tour, I was fairly impressed by Panic of 1869, created by Charles Knoll. It’s amazing and unusual to see so many elements in a single art work. In that painting, the male figure is relatively small

  • Poussin Landscape Painting Analysis

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    continuously improve and enhance of painting materials and techniques, landscape as background has also been portrayed more natural and vivid. Humanist thought has been widely accepted from Renaissance, people's minds was liberated, the changing of society offered the possibility for the independent development of landscape painting. Giorgione (c. 1477/78) of the Venetian school was considered as the first painter to make landscape painting towards independence. From his painting The Tempest(1506-1508) , landscape

  • Fran Hals: Painting Analysis

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    Leaving a visible brush stroke in a painting was rarely heard of in 17th century Dutch art. However, this painterly style was mastered by Fran Hals. Hals used this style in his portrait painting to give them a sense of naturalism, and make the viewer feel like they could really connect with the subject of the painting1. This style set Hals apart from other Dutch painters of the time, making him unique and popular. During the 17th Century, the Dutch Republic had a booming economy. They were excellent

  • Emotions In Monet's Paintings

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    The Classification of Emotions in Monet’s Paintings According to Claude Monet, a famous impressionist artist, “It 's on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.” (as cited by Kendall, 2004). As artwork is chiefly depicted in many different ways, such as in natural, spiritual, objective, or subjective description, Monet believes that a plein-air painting style can convey such profound feelings to audiences based on thorough observation

  • Painting The Impossible Analysis

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    Exhibition Review Hodler Monet Munch. Painting the impossible Yufei Li (724110) BBA 6A Hotel Institute Montreux   When I knew that I’m going to visit this art exhibition – Painting The Impossible, I was thinking what means “impossible”, does it refer to paint the fact that not exist in real life or those paintings were not acceptable or favored by most of people at that period? I was wondering how this exhibition is going to surprise me. So I brought those questions as well as with a great expectation

  • Disadvantages Of Figure Painting

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    The historical backdrop of Chinese painting can be contrasted with an ensemble. The styles and conventions in figure, scene, and flying creature and-bloom painting have made topics that sustain to blend right up 'til the present time into a solitary bit of music. Painters through the ages have made up this "ensemble," creating and performing numerous types of kineticism and varieties inside this custom. It exuded from the Six Traditions (222-589) to the Tang administration (618-907) that the substructures

  • American Flag Painting

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    In this paper we will be analyzing John Jaspers painting, Flags and going over how it creates a visual impact to the viewer through the use of an optical illusion on the viewer of the painting. The subject of this work is the American Flag, but it is painted in a not so conventional way at a glance, but once you look at it for a while you will see it in a normal light. Jasper used this piece to help show that the viewer was the “painter” in this artwork. He does this by using an optical illusion

  • Eyck And Vermeer's Paintings: A Comparative Analysis

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    strictly a statement of woman’s fashion for that time. However, their dresses are also an indication that wealthy merchants and not the church commissioned both of these paintings, by Eyck and Vermeer. This is something both the Northern Renaissance and Baroque periods had in common. Yet, a clear distinction between Eyck and Vermeer’s paintings is their use of light. For the Arnolfini Portrait, Eyck uses the concept of atmospheric perspective. One can clearly see the lightness of the blue sky, outside the

  • Stella's Painting: A Streetcar Named Desire

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    to his approach towards painting, Stella famously said, “My painting is based on the fact that only what can be seen there is there. It really is an object. What you see is what you see.” Instead of painting something recognisable, Stella’s painting is about the act of painting, and its result.“Through the use of a flat regulated pattern, I could make a painting situation that read or seemed flatter, and I felt that flatness was an absolute necessity for modernist painting at the time.”Rather than

  • Analyzing Picasso's Painting, Las Meninas

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    The painting Las meninas was painted by two different painters that are both good at what they do. They both did a good job on the painting Las meninas. The pictures were both very different and they don't look like they are portraying the same thing in the picture. In this painting I think that Velàzquez was trying to portray that the princess thinks that she's better then all of her attendants and that they are useless. The reason that I think that is because you can not see the attendants face

  • Vietnamese Oil Painting Analysis

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    assignment theme is based on Vietnamese oil painting. I have found out that oil painting is not originated from Vietnam, but Vietnamese artist through times have develop oil panting skills and techniques to a different stage. Therefore my intension is to thoroughly analyse the painting processes and techniques of Vietnamese oil painting during the period of war to the development of the Socialist republic of Vietnam (1960-1976) and I will compare two painting from this period with two contemporary works

  • Floor Scrapers Painting Analysis

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    being decorated with paintings from the 19th-century impressionist and post-impressionist works. When decorating the office, it will be important to ensure that the paintings that have been chosen are in line with the mission, vision, and goals of the company. This memo highlights on some of the paintings that have been chosen to be displayed at the new corporate offices. The paintings are from the 19th-century impressionist and post-impressionist periods. The impressionist paintings The Floor Scrapers:

  • The Roman Ruins: Painting Analysis

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    challenge for me mainly because both Antoine and Jos. Henri Ponchin had a similar painting style, but I finally concluded to write about a painting from Antoine Ponchin titled The Roman Ruins.

  • Write An Essay On Landscape Painting

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    Painting is one of the oldest forms of art in the human civilization; from the primitive cave paintings to those detailed and refined works of the Renaissance. Paintings are typically divided into categories by their genre, for instance, history, portrait, and landscape. Landscape paintings are those, which either only show or place greater emphasis on the natural surroundings such as rivers, mountains, and trees. This genre was popular among the ancient Greeks and Romans but later faded in and out

  • Crusader Bible: Painting Analysis

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    Artists create their own story when painting the works of the Crusader Bible and Story of Yusuf and Zulaikha. They want certain aspects of the story to be heard louder than others. Both artists use color and lines to define and highlight many aspects of the painting. Symbols and structure are also important in these pieces because they give a greater meaning to the story as a whole. The way the artists portray their scenes can have many different meanings depending on the person viewing it. The

  • Bob Ross The Modern Painting Phenomenon Analysis

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    Bob Ross: The Modern Painting Phenomenon If you 've ever watched PBS, you likely at some point have heard of Bob Ross. A painter born in Florida, Bob hosted The Joy of Painting, a half-hour show that run from 1983 to 1994, in which he painted a picture and encouraged the audience to paint along with him. It was a simple, but effective idea to get people excited about painting, and it was a very successful show. Sadly, Bob passed away due to a diagnosis of lymphoma in the early 1990s, which forced

  • Sandile Goje Paintings: The Meeting Of Two Cultures

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    architecture. So many interesting pieces in the exhibit, but a couple of paintings really caught my eye one by Sanile Goje and another by Laurie Simmons. Laurie Simmons painting is titled the “Walking House” and Sandile Goje painting is titled “ The Meeting Of Two Cultures.” I was drawn to these two paintings mainly because of my love for history and social behavior. I saw many connections between the two and quickly realized why the paintings were so close together in the exhibit.