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Did you know that Marc Chagall, just like Pablo Picasso, was a master at many different medias? Marc Chagall is a Belorussian born artist that spent most of his time working in France. He was a part of many great movements including Surrealism and Cubism. Chagall showed that no artist has to be a part of strictly one movement or style. Marc Chagall was born in Vitebsk, Belarus, July 6, 1887 as Moishe Segal. During Chagall’s time as a child, Vitebsk was a very important city in Belarus. It had many train and transportation stops; its population reaching approximately 65,000 people (Mattern 8). He was the eldest of eight younger siblings, and his parents were Khatsko Segal and Feige-Ite. Because Marc Chagall was raised a Hasidic Jew and Russia was discriminating against religious groups, Chagall attended a Russian-Jewish school where he learned Hebrew and the Old Testament. After Chagall started doodling in class when …show more content…

In the foreground, the head of a cow can be seen looking directly into a man’s eyes, most likely Chagall himself. Inside of the cow, a woman can be seen milking a smaller cow. In between the cow and the man, a town can be seen with a man walking on the street with a scythe. Below the town is a small sapling that is being held by a hand. The leaves are many different shapes including triangular, elliptical, and spherical. There is no source of natural light in the picture, and the direction of the artificial light is indiscernible. When a viewer first looks at the painting, they see the cow and man observing each other. Then, a viewer will notice the finer details of the smaller cow being milked, the man with a scythe in the town, and the sapling being held by gentle hands. The colors in the foreground are whites and greens, while in the background there are darker tones of green and black. The lines are curved and overlapping, suggesting wrinkles and folds in the cow and the

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