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Daniel “Chappie” James Jr
All throughout history, all kinds of people have made a difference in this world. The marks they have left and the changes they have made are extraordinary. However, countless amounts of people’s efforts and hard work are not acknowledged due to the color of their skin. Black history month is an opportunity to celebrate those who have not let discrimination and racism stop them from changing the world.
In Pensacola, Florida, a young boy watched closely at the airplanes flying above that he dreamed to one day fly. Daniel “Chappie” James Jr was aware that there were no African American pilots in the military, but he was raised to have hope and follow his dreams. Dan was born February 11, 1920 and was taught by his parents to overcome and surpass the racism and discrimination he …show more content…

He soon left for Korea, where he flew combat missions for the first time. Chappie received the Distinguished Service Medal during his service in the Korean War for heroically saving his partner and himself when his plane malfunctioned and blew up. In 1951, he returned to the US and was assigned to the Otis Air Force Base in Massachusetts as a jet fighter pilot. Not long after he became he became commander of the 437th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron. Daniel saw his dreams coming true. Daniel was stationed to Thailand in 1966 for the Vietnam War as deputy commander of operations. He was named wing vice commander under Colonel Robin Olds. He flew over 70 combat missions into North Vietnam. He was named Florida’s, “Outstanding American of the Year” for 1969 and was later transferred to Libya.
Daniel Chappie James Jr. will forever be known for the barriers he knocked down. In 1975, he became the first African-American four-star general in US history. He overcame the discrimination thrown at him and fought back with hope, determination, and

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